Monday 10 April 2023

What is the service book for a government employee?

What is the service book for a government employee?

Service book is a very crucial document of a employee. For each government employee a register is opened which is called service book. This service book as appears in the name has all important information of employee beganing his carrier in government including documents which a candidates submit while applying posts.

It's first page contain employee full personal details viz name, date of birth, father name, educational qualification, home town, photo, identification Mark etc. It contains family details, nomination form for gratuity, GPF fund, insurance etc.

It contains all information relating to employment viz, initial appointment, promotion, increment, pay fixation, leave, LTC records , transfer, joining, any punishment, rewards and most important is service verification entry which is necessary to count service for pension purpose. Copies of all promotion, pay fixations, transfer also attached in this book.

It is very important document and it goes office to office with employee with their posting and can not be prepared again as it is very difficult to gather all information for past service records which may be more then 30 years .

Now it has been decided to make two copy of the service book. One i.e. photo copy is keep with employee and the original is kept by employer.

પગાર બાંધણી ની ચકાસણી 10-4-2023 નો લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Service Book contains all information relating to service in respect of a Government employee. It is opened the day the employee joins the Government service. The first entry is the Notification announcing joining of Government service by the particular person. The Service Book is closed when the employee superannuates, dies in harness or leaves Government service permanently. The last entry is the Notification of his retirement/death, etc. In between, the Service Book contains all information pertaining to the Government service of the employee. It contains the entire service history of the employee. It also contains the date of birth, qualification, leave details and family details of the employee.

At the time of retirement, the pension papers of an employee are prepared based on the Service Book.

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