Thursday 23 February 2023

Your trusted mentor for Government Job Preparation

Your trusted mentor for Government Job Preparation

LTX Classes was founded with the objective of making student-centric Competitive Exam Coaching affordable and within the reach of every Aspirant.

The Organisation works with the sole aim of turning the dreams of the students into reality and promises to stand by them till they reach their goal by offering Lifetime Validity on all its Courses.

LTC પરિપત્ર 22/03/2016

The organisation keeps its fee low and affordable and offers options to pay in installments to students who can't afford one time payments.

The organisation understands that many students find it difficult to grasp the concepts when they are taught at higher level. Here the faculty makes conscious effort to make the concepts clear to each and every student. (Even to those who don't have basics)

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With a commitment to stand by the students throughout the journey, LTX Classes is not just a Coaching Centre, but a trusted mentor which aims to provide right guidance !!!

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