Wednesday 22 February 2023

Managing Staff Attendance, Payroll, Pagar & Payslip across multiple businesses!

Managing Staff Attendance, Payroll, Pagar & Payslip across multiple businesses!

SalaryBook is a 100% free, safe, and easy-to-use employee attendance app. You can use it as an attendance app or register and keep a tab of your employees' attendance and work-shifts. You can also use it as a salary book and record employee payroll and maintain effective advance payment management.

SalaryBook is easy to use and can be used by anyone in your company / organisation. And it comes with the following features -

Easy Employee Management app

With SalaryBook you can easily manage all your daily, monthly wage, part / full-time workers and generate their attendance and salary payment reports.

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Multiple types of staff modes

Keep track of employee salary and attendance with this app. You can mark present, absent, half-day, or hourly work. SalaryBook will automatically calculate the daily wages of your employees depending on the payment cycle (weekly/monthly/daily).

Employee’s salary & payroll management app

With SalaryBook, businesses can easily manage salaries & payroll and send payslip / salary slips to their employees on WhatsApp. No need to manage any type of physical paper to record employee salaries and wages.

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SalaryBook is suitable for:

  • Hospitality & Restaurants industry to manage staffs, salary and payroll
  • Manufacturing industry, Garage, Auto Repair Shops, auto dealerships to have an easy and simple solution to manage their business and employees
  • Beauty parlours, Salons, or spa to manage their employee, their salary and accounts and ledger book of their business
  • Medical Stores, Hospitals, and clinics to to manage workers and staffs
  • Supermarkets, electronic shops, furniture shops, textile industry to manage their huge and versatile workforce and their monthly or weekly salary or payout.

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