Monday 16 January 2023

Sky Cruise Flying Hotel Thats Never Lands Amazing Video

Sky Cruise Hotel Amazing Video: Today we Introducing you with Nuclear powered Sky Cruise Hotel. This next level of technology it's the future of transport. This Flying hotel that 'never lands'. Let's know About this Hotel and Thair specialty. Also, watch the Amazing Videos of This flying hotel.

Sky Cruise Flying Hotel That's Never Lands Amazing Video

The Video of Sky Cruise Flying Hotel is getting viral on social media. Users like this concept and share their opinions. Someone describes this concept as the 'New Titanic'.

This Flying Hotel has Restaurant, Swing Pull, Gym, Theaters, shopping mall, etc facilities in sky. 5000 guests stay in this sky Hotel it is such an amazing and next-level project. People are known as various names like ‘flying hotel’, New Titanic, Sky Cruise, etc.

Hashem Al-Ghaili and the Science video producer have created a realistic vision of the Sky Cruise Hotel and shared, where he tries to show the original concept of the hotel. Sky Cruise Hotel aircraft is powered by 20 electric engines that keep them afloat in the sky.

You Can watch many Amazing Videos on this website like Ranki Vav 3d, Zooming technology, GigaPixal 3D Images, and many more. We share this video just for educational purposes and aware people of future technology.

Watch Hotel Video Now

This is Future Transport and Travelling Technology. Let's people aware of this by sharing this Amazing Video.

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