Wednesday 21 December 2022

Pariksha pe charcha ppc 2023

Pariksha pe charcha ppc 2023

The interaction every youngster is waiting for is back. Pariksha Pe Charcha with Prime Minister Narendra Modi is here!

Leave your stress and nervousness behind and get ready to set those butterflies in your stomach free! On popular demand, this time, the Prime Minister’s massively popular interaction will not only have students but also parents and teachers.

You too can get a chance to hang out with one of the most inspiring Prime Ministers ever, ask him for tips, seek advice…you could even pose questions you always wanted answers for!

So, how do you (a student, parent or teacher) get a chance to participate in the Sixth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha? It’s very simple.

  • Start Date 25th November 2022
  • End Date 30th December 2022

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Participate in Pariksha Pe Charcha competition hosted on MyGov Innovate platform (

Remember, the competition is open for school students of classes 9 to 12

Students can submit their responses to any one of the themes provided to them

Students may also submit their question to Hon’ble Prime Minister in a maximum of 500 characters

Parents and teachers can also participate and submit their entries in the online activities designed exclusively for them


Pariksha pe charcha ppc 2023

Winners will get the opportunity to be a direct participant in the Pariksha Pe Charcha event along with the Prime Minister

Each winner will get a specially designed Certificate of Appreciation

A small group of students from among the winners will get the opportunity to directly interact with the Prime Minister and ask him questions. Each of these special winners will also get a digital souvenir of their autographed photograph along with the Prime Minister

Every winner will also get a special Pariksha Pe Charcha Kit


Pariksha pe charcha ppc 2023

For Students

Know your freedom fighters (हमारी आज़ादी के नायक )
What life stories have you heard about freedom fighters of your state or region? What inspirations do you draw from their lives? How do you want to serve your nation?

Our culture is our pride ( हमारी संस्कृति हमारा गर्व)
What is special about your state’s culture? What elements of that culture make you feel proud of your country?

What are your concerns about this transformative recommendation? What are your recommendations?

Toys and Games for Learning in Schools (विद्यालय में सीखने के लिए खिलौने और खेल)
Toys and games can also be a source of learning. What are your thoughts on students learning through toys and games in secondary school?
For Teachers

Our Heritage (हमारी धरोहर)
What is the importance of teaching ‘Indian’ traditional knowledge for holistic development of students? How do you intend to integrate it into your school curriculum?

Enabling Learning Environment (शिक्षा का अनुकूल माहौल)
What is your role as a teacher in creating a healthy and conducive learning environment for your students’ emotional and mental well-being? How will you structure activities to ensure that all students participate and learn? What are your thoughts and feelings about peer learning?

Education for Skilling (कौशल के लिए शिक्षा)
Skill education is very important. Though the entire education system in our country needs to be transformed in order to provide skill education, the promotion of Vocational Education among secondary students is critical. The reason for this is that many students do not want to pursue academics/higher education, but rather want to explore different avenues to advance in life. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Lesser Curricular Load and No fear for exams (पाठ्यक्रम का कम भार और परीक्षा का कोई भय नहीं)
Students can learn through experiential learning and project-based curriculum; having confidence in what and how they learn reduces the pressure of examinations. What initiatives will you take as a teacher to implement the NEP 2020 perspective?

Future educational challenges (भविष्य में शिक्षा की चुनौतियाँ)
What, in your opinion, are the current educational challenges? How should schools, teachers, and parents help children cope with changing educational expectations?
For Parents

My child, my teacher (मेरा बच्चा, मेरा अध्यापक )
What is something unique or interesting your child has taught you? How did you learn it and adjust to it? Why is it important to adapt to our children’s interests?

Adult Education- Making everyone literate (प्रौढ़ शिक्षा – सभी को साक्षर बनायें)
What according to you is the importance of Adult Education? How can it result in a more empowered nation? How can children help adults understand contemporary issues?

Learning and growing together (सीखना और एक साथ बढ़ना)
How will you complement your child’s learning at home with what he or she is learning at school? Write a creative note about your role as a parent in your child’s healthy learning process.

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Pariksha pe charcha ppc 2023

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