Tuesday 27 December 2022

Gold Live: Gold Price, Silver Today Price

Silver Today Price Silver price in India is determined by international prices, which move in either direction. Other then that it also depends on currency movement of the rupee against the dollar. If the rupee falls against the dollar and international prices remain stable, silver will become more expensive.

Gold Price, Silver Today Price: Kitco’s new and improved, award-winning* Gold Live!, gives you access to the latest market price quotes, charts, precious metals news and expert opinions in familiar but improved and exciting user experience. All the news and information you love in a better, faster and more intuitive package of our existing app, used by millions of users with an average user rating of 4.5-stas. Updated and improved news, commentaries, and press release sections, a new customizable Watch List feature, a new widget, breaking news and market alert features.

Download the official Gold Live! App and get all the latest updates so you’re always on top of the latest precious metals, finance, stocks and mining news.
  • WATCH LIST – Build you own customized Watch List to include quotes and charts of metals, cryptos, indices, currencies, and more! Track only what you want to see in a single view.
  • BREAKING NEWS AND ALERTS. Never miss a story – Get real-time notifications sent directly to your phone for the biggest breaking business news.
  • YOUR FAVORITE PRECIOUS METALS AT A GLANCE – Uncover trading information and the latest news from Kitco News, Kitco Commentaries and other leading sources.
  • KEEP UP WITH THE MARKETS – Find market data on all the precious metals, base metals, mining equities, cryptocurrencies, FX and more — always one tap away.
  • KITCO NEWS – Watch the best industry videos and stories from Kitco News, delivered right to your phone. And this is just the start. Our editorial and development teams are working hard to roll out new features regularly.
  • KITCO GOLD INDEX (KGX) – Shows how US dollar fluctuations impact the value of gold. The Kitco Gold Index has one purpose that is to determine whether the value of gold is actual, a reflection of changes in the US Dollar value, or a combination of both.

Key Features (Overview)
  • Watch List
  • Widget – Optimized for the latest Android version
  • Precious and base metals quotes in multiple currencies
  • Mining news and stocks
  • Currencies exchange rates (FX)
  • Cryptocurrency prices and news
  • Kitco Gold Index (KGX)
  • Charts and data
  • Video news
  • Customizable market alerts
  • Breaking news from the finance world
  • Gold price
  • Silver price
  • Spot gold
  • Spot silver
  • Gold news
  • Silver news

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Live spot and historical precious metals prices and charts
  • Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium
  • Daily and historical London Fix
  • Charts and data
  • Kitco Gold Index (KGX)

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