Thursday 22 December 2022

Corona New Variant Omicron BF 7

Corona New Variant Omicron BF 7

Considering the threat of Corona, an advisory was announced by the government. In which it was advised to wear a mask and take necessary precautions

The threat of corona virus once again in many countries of the world

The Indian government has also started preparations for Corona

Government advice to wear masks and take necessary precautions

In many countries of the world, the threat of corona virus is once again looming. Cases are increasing from China to America. The situation is that many countries have also started imposing restrictions. Seeing this, the Government of India has also started preparations, along with the state governments have also called a meeting. Recently, an advisory was announced by the government keeping in mind the threat of Corona. It was advised to wear masks and take necessary precautions. Let's know what are the rules and guidelines regarding Corona in the country now.

In India, Corona caused havoc in the first and second phase and hundreds of people lost their lives and the hospital system also collapsed. However, after this the situation continued to improve and cases continued to decline. Along with the decrease in cases, the Corona restrictions have also started getting relief. Finally, from April 1, 2022, all kinds of restrictions were removed. Now once again the threat of Corona is increasing, in such a situation the government is advising people to adopt proper behavior against Kovid. Let's know what are the precautions regarding Corona, which the government is advising to take.

Let us tell you that all these things come under the Kovid Appropriate Behavior, which was announced by the Ministry of Health of India regarding Corona. An advisory has been issued to follow. However, all the experts and the government say that there is no need to panic about Corona in India at present.

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