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Check Credit Score, Apply for Instant-Approval Personal Loan & Credit Card

Check Credit Score, Apply for Instant-Approval Personal Loan & Credit Card

Credit Score → Track your Credit Score!
Compare & Apply → Instant-Approval Personal Loans, Credit Cards & Home Loans.
EMI Calculator → Loan EMI calculations made simple!
Bank Balance Check → Check your bank balance and Credit Card spends with ease!
Reminders → Get Loan EMIs & Credit Card bill payment reminders.
Transaction History → Track all your latest transactions.

BankBazaar is the largest online marketplace for financial products – instant-approval Personal Loans, Credit Cards, etc. The app helps you compare various financial products like Personal Loans & apply for Credit Cards offered by different banks.
The BankBazaar App is the best Personal Finance Manager app that automatically tracks your monthly spends in a secure manner. The app also helps you identify any incorrect transactions/fines and act upon it immediately. Best of all, the features are automatically configured based on the SMSes sent to you by your bank and Credit Card company.
What You Can Do With The BankBazaar App:
★Get your Credit Score and track it regularly
★Compare and apply for quick-approval Loans and Credit Cards:
→Apply for instant & quick Personal Loans
→Apply for instant-approval Credit Cards
→Apply for Home Loans
→Apply Lifetime Free CreditCard
→Fast Credit Card Approval
→Pre-approved Credit Cards
★ Manage your money better by tracking your transactions & expenses
★ Bill payment reminders for Loan EMIs & Credit Card
★ Calculate EMIs with our smart loan EMI calculator
★ Check your loan eligibility & get instant quotes
★ Get daily fuel rate alerts → Gold Rate, Silver Rate, Petrol Price & Diesel Price
★ Find IFSC codes, address and contact information for all Indian banks
★ Track your application status


Get Credit Score
➤ A Credit Score is an important measure of your financial health and a good Credit Score can help you get a loan or a Credit Card easily
➤ Credit Scores range from 300 to 900, and generally a Credit Score above 750 is considered excellent by lenders and is preferred for granting a loan or credit card.
Ultimate Personal Finance Manager → Bank Balance Check, Credit Card & Loan EMIs
➤ Bank Balance Check: Check bank balance for multiple bank accounts and track all your latest transactions
➤ Credit Card Spends: Check your Credit Card outstanding and track your spends easily

Why BankBazaar needs the following permissions:
→Required to read financial SMSes to track transactions & provide a summary of daily spends, bills due, income etc.
→Required to fetch the verified Google email for sign-up & inviting phone contacts to try the app
→Required to pre-fill mobile number in application
→Required to verify current address if the user wants to apply for a Loan/Credit Card

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Customers applying for a Personal Loan should note that:
➤Unlike other loans, Personal Loans usually have a shorter repayment tenure, ranging from 3 months to 5 years
➤Depending upon the applicant's profile and the lender, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of a personal loan may vary from 10.99% to 35%
➤For example, on a personal loan of Rs. 4.5 lakh at an interest rate of 15.5% with repayment tenure of 3 years, the EMI will be Rs. 15,710. The total payout here would be:
Principal Amount: Rs 4,50,000
Interest Charges (@15.5%): Rs 1,15,560
Loan Processing Fees (@2%): Rs 9000
Documentation charges: Rs 500
Amortization Schedule charges: Rs 200
Total cost of the loan: Rs 5,75,260
➤ However, in case of change of payment mode or any delay or non-payment of EMIs, additional charges / penal charges may also be applicable, depending on the lender's policy
➤Also depending upon the lender, prepayment options may or may not be available and applicable charges for the same may vary.
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