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Sharad Poonam: Why Amrit rains on Poonam night in Aso month, Why milk-pauna is kept under moon light

 At Sharad Purnima, Moon resides in Aso Nakshatra, the lord of this Nakshatra, Ashwini Kumara, is considered to be the physician of the gods.

Today is Tuesday, October 19 and Wednesday, October 20 is the month of Aso Poonam.  On this night, the moon will be 16 artes bright.  On the night of Sharad Poonam there is a tradition of moon worship and offering milk in a silver vessel in the light of the moon.  Besides having religious and practical importance, this tradition is also mentioned in Ayurveda from the point of view of health.

Practical Significance of Sharad Poonam-

 Shakti Puja is performed for 9 days with Vrata-Upavas and Niyama-Sayama.  So you get strength physically and mentally.  After collecting the energy Sharad Poonam is celebrated to infuse that energy into the body and make it Amrit.  In this festival, the moon showers nectar with its 16 arts.  Moon is worshiped at this time.  Then the nectar of its rays is discharged into the body through milk-pauna.

Why only Poonam of Aso month-

 Aso month's Poonam Moon resides in Ashwini Nakshatra.  Lord of this Nakshatra is Ashwini Kumar.  In the Vedas and Puranas, Ashwini Kumar is described as the doctor of the gods.  So it is through them that the gods get soma and nectar.  When the Moon is in its own Nakshatra with the 16 arts, it removes all kinds of ailments.  This condition occurs only once in a year during the autumn season.  That is why Sharad Poonam festival is celebrated.  Due to which this Purnima is also said to get rid of disease.

Why milk-pouna-

 BHU Prof.  According to Ramnarayana Dwivedi, Dudh-pauna is made because milk is the first of the five nectars mentioned in the scriptures.  It is also stated in astrology texts that moon has a special influence on milk.  Donation of milk is done to remove moon dosha.  There, in the cold season we should eat milk-pauna, because through these things one gets strength in the cold.  In addition to milk, nutritious items such as rice porridge, dry fruits etc. are added to it.  Which is beneficial for the body.  Due to these things, the body's immunity increases.  Health is good.  This is the reason why people make kheer in the agasi of their house at night.  The rays of the moon fall on Dudh-pauna.  which is consumed.

 Why use silverware-

 Vaidya Prashant Mishra, doctor officer of Varanasi Ayurvedic Hospital, says that silver utensils are effective in keeping food items safe from germs.  Keeping water, milk or any other liquid in a silver vessel increases its purity.  Also, silver also increases the body's immune system.

શરદ પૂનમ નુ મહત્વ ગુજરાતીમાં અહિંથી વાંચો

 National Ayurveda Institute Dr.  Ajay Sahoo and Dr.  According to Harish Bhakuni, this metal is 100 percent bacteria free, so it also protects against infection.  According to him, eating in silverware does not cause any side effects.  It is good for health in every way.  That is why silver vessels are used on Sharad Purnima day to avoid any kind of infection.

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