Saturday 8 October 2022

Meet the youthful iOS app inventor who gets accolades from Tim Cook

Meet the youthful iOS app inventor who gets accolades from Tim Cook

A Dubai- grounded nine- time old Indian girl, who calls herself as the “ youthful Apple iOS inventor ”, has been praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook for creating an iOS software for iPhones.

As per reports, the nine times old, Hana Muhammad Rafeeq has developed a liar app that will help parents to record stories so that their children feel closer to them.

The app, which has been dubbed as Hanas, also has colorful types of short stories, bedtime stories and moral and classic stories for children. The Hanas app indeed has some storiespre-recorded in the voice of the youthful inventor.

The sanctioned App Store table of the Hanas app says, “ It's designed to give a “multi-purpose content and entertainment experience for the druggies ”. Hanas reads, “ I( Hana) am releasing this app with only one hand of this app for now, which is for the kiddies ’ story I also added my raised Audio Stories so kiddies can enjoy harkening to me as a friend I hope. ”

According to Gulf News, Hana developed the app when she was 8 times old.

The youthful Indian girl reportedly wrote an dispatch to Apple CEO Tim Cook. In the correspondence, Hana has said she wrote further than,000 lines of canons for this app. The youthful inventor further added that she hardly used any third- party ready- made canons, libraries, or classes in my app.

Hana said she wanted to let the Apple leader know how passionate she's in technology, especially Apple. And to make the world apprehensive that rendering isn't that insolvable. Hana called rendering as an essential subject for early stages of child education and said it has the same precedence as mortal communication language.

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Giving further details about her, Hana wrote that she's an Indian girl, born and brought up in the UAE.

The CEO of Apple tête-à-tête responded to her with sincere congratulations and wrote, “ Hana, Congratulations on all of your emotional achievements at such a youthful age! Keep at it and you'll do amazing effects in the future. Stylish, Tim. ”

After seeing Cook’s reply to her dispatch, Hana’s parents woke her up the coming morning. After entering the reply from the CEO she was veritably agitated, said Hana.

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