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Vrudh Pension Sahay Yojana | વૃદ્ધ પેન્શન સહાય યોજના

   Vrudh Pension Sahay Yojana | વૃદ્ધ પેન્શન સહાય યોજના

Thus, there are several schemes run by the Gujarat government for the destitute elderly such as Sankat Mochan Sahay Yojana, Vaya Vandana Yojana, Palak Mata Pita Yojana, Divyang Lagna Sahai Yojana, Chief Minister Bal Seva Yojana, Divyang Bus Pass Yojana etc. has been started by the Gujarat government .

Name of the Scheme : Old Age Pension Sahai Yojana

State : the Gujarat

Beneficiaries-1 : Elderly should not have son aged twenty one years or above

Beneficiary – 2 : Disabled candidate should be 45 years or above or have more than 75% disability.

Issued By: Gujarat State Government

Implementation Date (issued Date): 01/04/1978

Assistance obtainable : Rs.750/- to Rs.1000/-

Application Procedure: Online from Digital Gujarat Portal

The Official Website :

The Government of Gujarat wants to financially support the destitute elderly living in the state of Gujarat also  every disabled person also the society of independent persons to live a full life, so they have begun an Elderly Assistance Scheme. This scheme is implemented by the Social Security Department under the control of Social Justice and Empowerment Department and is called “Assistance Destitute Old Age Pension-ASD” in English.

Eligibility for the Destitute Old Age Pension Assistance Scheme

Niradhar Vruddho ane Niradhar Apango na Nibhav Mate Nanakiy Sahay Yojana has been applied by the financial assistance account of the state government to the destitute elderly in the state of the Gujarat. Can advantage from:

  • Financial Assistance Scheme for Destitute Elderly and Destitute Handicapped begun by Government of Gujarat is in effect from 01/04/1978 in the State of the Gujarat.

  • Candidate must be 21 years of age or above.

  • If the Candidate is disabled then his age should be more than 45 years and disability should be 75%.

  • If the sons of the candidate are 21 years of age i.e. hungry but mentally unstable like suffering from severe diseases like cancer then the applicant can avail the advantage of this scheme and get financial assistance.

  • It is needed that the person applying for this scheme should be a permanent resident of the state of the Gujarat for at least 10 years or more.

Income Limit for Indigent Old Age Pension Assistance yojana 

An income limit has been fixed by the Director Social Security Department for availing the advantage of the Destitute Elderly Assistance Scheme by the Government of the Gujarat.

To avail this scheme the candidate should have an annual income of one and a half lakh rupees (RS 1,50,000/-) for urban area and above one lakh and twenty rupees (1,20,000/-) if the candidate resides in rural area. Should not be if more then he cannot apply for this yojana.
Old Age Pension yojana Income Limit
One and a half lakh rupees (RS 1,50,000/-) if the candidate resides in an urban area.
One lakh twenty rupees (1,20,000/-) if the candidate resides in a rural area.

Advantages Of Vrudh Pension Sahay Yojana

If the age of the person applying for the Destitute Elderly Assistance scheme is between 60 years to 74 years or more, he will be eligible to obtain  assistance ranging from Rs.750/- to Rs.1000 (RS 1000/-) per year.

Thus, every month assistance given by the Gujarat government will be deposited in the bank account of the person applying for the D.B.T. is deposited each month   

Gujarat Viklang pension yojana (ASD) scheme means this scheme is started by Gujarat government for the maintenance of destitute disabled persons under this yojana the beneficiaries should be more than 45 years and 75% disabled. So they will obtain Rs 750/- per month under this scheme.

Needed Documents For Vrudh Pension Sahay Yojana

The list of documents needed for Destitute Old Age Pension Scheme issued by Gujarat Government is given below

  • Proof of age of the applicant like  school leaving certificate (Living Certificate) or copy of date of birth, or any kind of medical certificate proving their age.

  • The Aadhar Card

  • Beneficiary john deere holding certificate of arrangement even called civil surgeon's certificate.

  • An Income Certificate

  • Certificate describing the percentage of disability if the candidate has a son aged 21 years or above who is physically disabled.

  • Certificate if the lord does not have a son aged 21 years or above i.e. adult.

  • Xerox of first page of a Bank Passbook.

Where to obtain Destitute Old Age Pension Sahai Yojana application form?

Niradhar Vriddha Sahay Yojana application form is given free of cost by Gujarat Government. You can obtain the application form for this scheme free of charge from the article of the offices provided below

District Collector Office.

Provincial Office.

Taluka Mamlatdar Office and Public Service Centre.

V.E.C Co. of Gram Panchayat Centre. You can apply online by visiting to the Digital Gujarat online portal from the operator.

Who has the authority to procedure Old Age Pension Assistance Scheme application?

The authority to approve the application of Niradhar Geradi Sahay Yojana or Old Age Pension yojanao is officially delegated to the Taluka Mamlatdars of the districts to approve or disapprove the application of this yojana.

Vrudh Pension Sahay Yojana Online Helpline Number

The helpline number for old age pension yojana along with their address is given below:

Address: Director, Office of Social Security Department, Block-No-16, Bhoy Bhima, Dr.Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Sector-10, Gandhinagar.-382010 Gujarat (India).

Contact mobile Number: +91 79232 56309

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