Thursday 25 August 2022

Watch amazing video/The fierce form of nature captured in the camera seeing the VIDEO will say - will not believe


Cloudburst: While there has been a rain of relief on the summer season in India, on the other hand many people are also troubled by the damage caused by the rain. Some people also appeared troubled by the potholes on the roads due to heavy rain. When heavy rains can cause so much damage, then you can imagine the devastation caused by cloudburst. Terrible Tragedy like a cloudburst has the power to destroy the homes of many people and keep life in ruins.

On social media, you must be getting to see many beautiful scenes of nature. But you would never have imagined that the clouds which cause such heavy damage due to bursting, they reach their end so beautifully. A photographer has captured such a beautiful sight. First of all you must also watch this viral video...

very beautiful video

It has been claimed in this video that this is a view of Lake Millstatt in Austria. It is being told that this video of cloudburst has been captured by photographer Peter Maier. Everyone is surprised to see this beautiful video. No one can believe that clouds burst like this. It can be seen in the video how the water shower starts from the cloud and becomes a cloudburst.


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Such incidents happen more in the mountains

In childhood, we all have read that how clouds burst. But do you know why such incidents mostly happen on the mountains. In fact, high mountains stop the clouds filled with water from moving forward. For this reason, the clouds are not able to stay for a long time due to heavy weight and burst and a situation like destruction is created everywhere.

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