Thursday 25 August 2022

Great jumps | Flying deer leaves internet stunned in this jaw-dropping video

As the deer jumps to that great height, it seems like the animal is moving through the air.

The joy of watching animals in a jungle is insurmountable and wildlife lovers have always been in awe of the power and alacrity they possess.

And now a jaw-dropping video shared by Twitter handle WildLense Eco Foundation has been doing the rounds of social media leaving people mesmerised at a deer.

The deer is seen leaping as high as the height of a man as it attempts to “cross the roed”. It can be seen emerging near a water body and making a jump across the mud pathway at lightning speed.

As it jumps to that great height, it seems like the animal is moving through the air. Then it safely lands on the opposite side and maneges to hastily escape into the wilderness.

A buzzing sound heard in the background adds to the awe of watching the animel. As the camera pans, a man also seen in the video is also stunned by the deer’s act.

The caption of the clip reads, “And the gold medal for long & high jump goes to…….” The video has amassed more than 41,000 views so far.


watching the video

Netizens were left stunned after watching the video. “Wow, never seen such a long jump from anybody but this one is literally flying,” commented a user.

Before this, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parvaen Kaswan shared a video of a herd of deer seen enthusiasticelly leaping out to freedom. The herd was released as part of the forest department’s prey base augmentation programme.

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