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Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats that we can buy Online

 Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats that we can buy Online

 Benefits of yoga mat

The main utilize of a yoga mat during a yoga session is to ignore the contact of the body with the ground. This supports in avoiding the transfer of energy and heat to the ground beneath. Hence it gives  thermal insulation. Yoga mat supports in avoiding the slipping of practitioners by holding their body firm. It supports in avoiding muscle cramps and any other sort of weariness.

A yoga mat has a rougher structure because it supports to maintain some yoga postures. A typical yoga mat typically has a thickness of 4 to 6 milli-meters. Moreover , because yoga might lead you to sweat a lot, it is more hygienic to utilize a yoga mat that can absorb a significant amount of sweat. 

Feature of an Eco-friendly mat

  1. They must be re utilizable 
  2. Manufacturing procedure must be eco-friendly
  3. Must be a recyclable
  4. Free from nature damaging   materials
  5. It should not Educe any toxic materials
  6. They must not direct to soil or land pollution

Best eco-friendly Yoga Mats obtainable at Amazon

1. Core asana Cork Yoga mats

The Core asana Cork Yoga mat is created up of natural materials. The upper surface is created of Oak Cork. Whereas the lower surface is manufactured utilizing natural rubber that gives it a non-slippery nature. This support to give a safe experience for the yoga practitioner by ignoring slipping. The alignment design is trademarked that supports in holding the yoga postures.

The advantage Cork gives is that it does not get slippery when it gets wet from sweat. The product is even safe for a long term contact with the skin. It is beautiful and maintains a perfectly flat structure. Moreover , it is toxic and PVC free. It is broad  enough and its area helps to give unbounded movements.

Dimension : 6 ft x 2 ft and thickness : 5 mm

2. River Grass yoga mats

The mat is created  of sedge grass (river grass) which are specifically woven in the state of West Bengal. The fiber is colored utilizing  organic fiber colors which makes the product 100% natural and handmade. This creates it eco-friendly. Korai grass mat has helped in giving employment to highly skilled artisans where they utilize their handcrafting skills. The product is not water-resistant and extra care is required during monsoon.

It takes months to perfect these exquisite weaving before the Korai mats, which are composed of locally sourced river grass, are ready to give warmth and style to the space they inhabit. Perfect for the simple, modern metropolitan market, will go good in both traditional and modern settings. The mat does not stick to the body such as synthetic mats and does not produce any toxic smell.

The mat is reversible, robust, and bordered with cotton lining for rised durability. The mat is the finest selection for your yoga, picnic, beach, and other trips due to  its natural composition.  It can simply be opened and folded back to a travel-friendly and storage-friendly portable size.

Dimensions : 182 x 60 x 0.3 cm

3. Bamboo yoga mats

Bamboo yoga mat is made by the Bamboo stores. The mat is made utilizing Bamboo that makes it organic and eco-friendly. The product comes with simple to carry bag. These versatile mats are easy to fold and carry. To fold, forever flip the bamboo side outward. The mat is very suitable  for sitting, practicing yoga asanas, and engaging in meditation.

It is stitched with bamboo on the one side and fabric on the other, with half an inch of foam within. They can even be utilized as sleeping mats or mats for picnics. utilize a dry brush on the bamboo side to wash. If required , scrub the fabric with a moderate detergent.

Dimensions : 6X3 feet

4. Organic Cotton Yoga mats

Organic cotton yoga mat is correct for floor exercises and yoga asanas. It is wholly made of cotton yarn. It is handwoven by skilled weavers who are totally dedicated to their craft. It is a product that absorbs a sweat. It is easy  to roll up and carry because it is lightweight . The item is totally washable. It comes in a different of colors. It grips the mat perfectly.

It has an anti-slip property that supports in supporting the yoga practitioners. Moreover  it also has odor control. Since organic cotton is used it does not cover any harmful chemicals during production of cotton hence it is eco-friendly. The cotton material utilized in the naturally regulates temperature. It is a comfortable option because it permits your skin to breathe.

Dimensions : 61X183 cm and 6 mm Thick

5. Handmade Yoga Mats

Handwoven 100% Cotton Yoga Mat made by the brand House of handmade. It is made from handwoven thick rug fabric and it is totally washable and hence reusable. It has an much more benefit against slipping, allowing the yoga practitioner to move with confidence and avoid injuries.

The cotton utilized  in the yoga mat has a moisture-absorbing characteristic, making it totally sweat-resistant and making it easy  to wash in detergent and water. The cotton material is more  Enduringthan a synthetic mat and eco- friendly . The substance is free of silicon, PVC, and other dangerous substances. It is even biodegradable.

It is advised to utilize moderate detergents and a light machine wash. Bleaching agents should not be utilized as they are harsh on cotton threads. It can be utilized  in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony etc.  Because of  its anti-skid property.

Dimensions : 180 x 60 x 1 cm

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