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Are you oiling your hair right? If you’re not sure, follow these tips and tricks

Are you oiling your hair right? If you’re not confident , follow these tips and tricks

Here’s how to oil your hair:

Step 1

Heat the oil you have selected until it is lukewarm, as the heat will help in improving the blood circulation of your scalp.

Step 2

Comb your hair with a broad tooth comb to remove all the tangles and then divide your hair into parts.

Step 3

Pour the oil on your scalp and softly start massaging, with the tip of your fingers, in circular motions. Remember to not be rough or harsh while massaging as that can direct to hair breakage.

Step 4

Once you have oiled your scalp nice, move to the lengths of your hair. Take some oil in your palms and softly rub the lengths of your between your palms. Don’t forget to oil the tips of your hair nice as that will detain breakage and split ends.

Step 5

Loosely braid your hair and leave the oil for an hour or two previous to washing it with a shampoo.

You can even apply a drop of hair oil on wet hair, after shampooing your hair, as a natural replacement of hair serums.

For how long time should you leave oil in your hair?

Many people love to keep their hair oil overnight so it stays longer, others don’t know with the change in their hormones their skin at times tends to become oilier. If you watch dandruff, you start oiling the hair thinking it is happening due to  lack of oil but that is not the case. Dr. Chhabra tells, “Keeping the oil for longer, oiling an oily scalp, and oiling in case of dandruff doesn’t support and may lead to further serious scalp situations.” She suggests to keep the oil for thirteen minutes to two hours at most and then rinse it off with a gentle shampoo, and cold water, and follow it up with your beloved  hair mask.

What is the best oil for hair?

Dr. Chhabra tells that the best oils for hair are cold-pressed oils. She goes on to tell that, “My preferred oils contain coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, and mustard oil. As a kid , my mother used to apply mustard oil to my hair but nowadays I am alternating between the  almond oil and olive oil.”

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