Tuesday 28 September 2021


Sir, to state under the above subject that the process for selection of State Level Resource Group (SHG) pedagogy is to be initiated by GCERT.

• This test can be given by teachers, headteachers, BRCC as well as CRCcs, education inspectors. The basic purpose of SRG is to help , SSA, and school, textbook board, teachers working in primary education, headteachers, BRCC as well as cRccs or Inspectors, etc. have the ability and efficiency to do the above work as well as experience.

After joining SRG, the state's education sector can benefit from their knowledge, experience, and skills, for which SRG selection criteria will be taken in the near future. This test is of the first stage, do not assume that the member who has passed this test has been selected. After passing this test, you will have to go through another two stages. After going through all the stages, the selection criteria will be published in the list as decided by the SRG selection committee of the state.

Among the subjects of Std. 1 to 8 are Gujarati, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Environment, Social Science, Science and Technology, Mathematics ICT., Physical Education and Arts will be able to test any one of the subjects. All subjects will be tested at the same time.

The test will cover the subject matter of Std. 1 to 8 as well as new educational trends. The test will be conducted in government primary schools, district panchayat run primary schools, town primary education committee run primary schools, corporation primary education committee run primary schools, grant-aided primary schools, private primary school teachers, and other department run schools such as model schools, social justice.

And Empowerment Department, Tribal Department, etc. can only be given by the teachers of the managed schools. SRG is not a new place. Selection in SRG is done only for activities like Std. 1 to 8 courses, textbook writing, counseling, review, production of educational literature for training.

This test is not mandatory but only voluntary, so on the day of the test the test taker is not eligible for any kind of rent allowance and leave. Candidates who want to take this test have to submit their name, qualification, school name, taluka district, management, mobile number, e-mail.


તા .૦૧.૦૧.૨૦૨૨ લાયકાત તારીખ સંદર્ભે ફોટાવાળી મતદારયાદીની ખાસ સંક્ષિપ્ત સુધારણા કાર્યક્રમ બાબત લેટર.

BLO ને રોટેશન પદ્ધતિ મુજબ ત્રણ વર્ષે બદલવા બાબત રજૂઆત

તદાર યાદી સુધારણા કાર્યક્રમ 1/11/2021 થી 21/11/2021 દિવાળી વેકેશન દરમિયાન  ફેરફાર બાબત રજૂઆત

Address and details of which subject you want to test etc. etc. As per the instruction given in the form sent online on the website of -2050 will have to be filled by 03.00 noon. Considering the current situation of Covid-12, the date of the test will be announced later. In order to get maximum publicity for enrolling in this test, all the K.N.I., B.R.C., C.R.C., C.R.C.C. The headteachers of all types of schools included in the CRC are asked to report from your level.

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