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English language is made up of several Talpadi languages ​​which are collectively known as Old English. USFUL PDF

The language was brought from the eastern islands of Great Britain. The language was introduced by the Anglo-Saxon people who settled in the early 5th century. English was then influenced by the Old Norwegian language. It was the language of European invaders during the eighth to tenth centuries.

Old English developed as a medieval English language during the Norman conquest. His words and spellings were mostly collected from the Norman (Anglo-French) language vocabulary. Regarding the etymology of English or English language, the word “English” is derived from the plural of the 12th century old English language English or Angel, Angels. (“Which reflects the characteristics of England or England).

Vowels in modern English have changed dramatically. This change took place in England in the 15th century. During this time the English language took new words from various foreign languages ​​and created new words. A significant number of English words, especially technical words, are derived from Latin and Greek

Modern English is sometimes referred to as the world’s first lingua franca. This language is predominant in abundance. It is sometimes considered an essential international language for communication, science, trade, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. (Subscription required) Spread throughout the world. It became the dominant language in the United States and Canada after the British colonization of North America. Due to the growing economic and cultural influence of the US, it gained the status of a world superpower. And during World War II the language spread significantly throughout the world.

Knowledge of English language is considered a primary requirement in many fields, occupations and trades such as medical and computer etc. As a result, an estimated 1 billion people study as much as they can with a basic knowledge of English. (See English language study and teaching). English is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations

Linguists such as David Crystal noted that the rapid development of English over global languages ​​led to a decline in the linguistic diversity of birth in some parts of the world. This was especially the case in Australia and North America. The vast dominance of the English language has played an important role in the decline of languages. Likewise historical linguists who were wary of the complexity and fluid dynamics of language change. He was also wary of the influence of English, so he blended English with his native language in a streamlined and natural way, as Creoles and Pidgins over time became new families of these English equivalents.


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