Sunday 16 May 2021

Indigenous medicines for gas, indigestion, bile and sour belching

Mixing a little hing with cumin powder removes flatulence.

Taking fenugreek and roasted sleeping powder with water is very beneficial in flatulence, nausea and vomiting.

Mixing jaggery and ginger and taking it thrice a day destroys flatulence.

Every night before going to bed, put two true isbaguls in the milk and swallow Lavanbhaskar to get rid of flatulence.  However, taking Isabagul for a long time makes the muscles tight.

To get rid of gas problem, take roasted glass and pepper in equal proportions and grind it into powder to get relief in gas.

Half a tola of fenugreek and two and a half tola of suwa should be given half-roasted sugar.  Then put the powder in an airtight container.  Loss of half a pound three times a day eliminates flatulence, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

To get rid of gas, mix ginger, saffron and ajmo, mix it with soda bicarbonate in water and drink it.

Mix lemon juice in hot water and drink it.  The root of most diseases is gas.

Gas patient should mix lemon juice in basil juice and drink it daily.

Making kokum, cardamom and sugar sauce eliminates bile.

Taking Kareli leaf juice causes vomiting or rash and destroys bile.  This can be stopped by eating ghee and rice.

Pomegranate is good in bile.  It is good for the heart.  Pomegranate juice causes vomiting.  It also cures pregnant vomiting.  Pomegranate is very cool.

Consumption of kotha leaf chutney gives relief in bile.

Tamarind is biliary.  It is beneficial to take jaggery in tamarind water for bile in summer.  Tamarind also clears diarrhea.

Getting sugar in tomato juice or soup and drinking it gets rid of biliary disorders.

Ginger cumin powder can be used to get rid of gallstones.

Soak tamarind in double water for four hours, remove half of the water after boiling, get double sugar syrup in it, make syrup and drink 20 to 30 grams at night to get quick relief in gallstones.

Chiku soaked in butter all night and eaten in the morning calms the bile.  Chiku is hard to digest and maintain proper proportions according to one's digestion.

Drinking fresh pomegranate seed juice with powdered sugar calms any type of bile irritation.

Eating ripe bananas and ghee is beneficial in biliary disease.

Get gooseberry seeds with PC water and add sugar and drink it to get rid of bile disorder.

Drinking the juice of purple peel in milk gives relief in biliary disorders caused by vomiting.

Drinking amla juice cures bile diseases.

Milk, pudding, mava products, sweeteners, malpuda, penda, ghee dishes are taken in appropriate proportions to alleviate bile.

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