Friday 19 February 2021

Important Information about Pay Bill, LTC and Leaves

 Important Information about Pay Bill, LTC and Leave

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Pagar Bill

When creating a pay bill, you have to create a payroll with updated information every month. If the teacher is present during the full month of his duty, he has to make full salary. In which deduction also has to be done as per rules.

> CPF: - Salary + 10% of inflation

GPF: - Minimum 10% of salary

Regular teacher establishment salary and first hire

Insurance is deducted at the rate of Rs. 100 per grade, Rs. Will be written. Also declining in second higher grade arrears

It is mandatory to deduct the sum insured.

Pagar Bill

Deductions are to be made in deducting the teachers' GPF / CPF sum insured from the salary, then from the next month's salary bill as per the rules.

When Vidya Sahayak is included in the regular establishment, the salary bill includes 1/4 of the salary for the financial year. 100 / - to be deducted but if it comes before the end of the financial year then the compulsory sum assured has to be deducted at Rs. Do not deduct the savings. Starting with the April salary in the financial year.

Pagar Bill

Pro. Tax deduction as follows

Nil up to 6000

6000 to 9000 : 80

9000 to 12000 :150

200 from 12001 onwards

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Salary Bill Ta. If a teacher goes on half pay or deductible salary leave after going online on the 18th, if such amount is not deducted from the salary bill, it will have to be deducted from the next month's salary But if it comes down to half pay or deduction before 18th, deduct the amount of time and charge the salary bill. Note the amount deducted, giving in the date remarks.

Do not deduct after making the full salary. This is the practice of many pay center principals. To draw the attention of the Deputy Principals in this matter.

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