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Pragya Maths material

  • Pragya Maths material

  • Number of projects the nation over, for example, DPEP, SSA, NPEGEL have been executed towards universalization of rudimentary instruction. Therefore , since recent decade there has been huge 
Pragya Maths material

  • improvement in the enrollement and maintenance of kids at the essential level. Be that as it may, in spite of true and devoted endeavors at different levels to imporved quality in instruction, there is far to go.

  •  At the point when one considers regular essential classes, the image of any educator centic study halls that strikes a chord is as under:

  • Educator rules the study hall constantly, with no recompense for kids to learn of create all alone.

  • It is accepted that all kids will become familiar with something very similar simultaneously and in a similar way.

  • The issues of multi-grade and staggered nature of study hall are not tended to.

  • TLMs are seldom utilized by youngsters as an ordinary practice.

  • The greater part of the materials utilized are not set up for self-learning.

  • There is no open door for the kid to get familiar with the exercises missed during his/her nonattendance from class.

  • Assessment strategies are for the most part summative and test just the repetition learning by youngsters.
  • So as to address the above issues, Pragna – an action based learning approach, has been started with a target to address and defeat these challenges and to open the study hall to a more all encompassing and student based method of working with kids as the day progressed, consistently.

Pragya Maths material

Why Pragna?

It offers youngsters a chance to learn at their own pace and level

Gives youngsters a stage to learn through understanding

It offers an opportunity to gain from instructors and friends

It gives kid an introduction to different undertaking work and field work

Child'a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is implanted and peaceful

It causes kid figuring out how to learn

Kids are learning without trouble


Study hall: The Pragna Classroom is kid frendly place for kids where they couldn't imagine anything better than to come and learn. It is where the material is inside their range and they additionally have opportunity to use there material according to their need.
Pragya Maths material

Subject Classroom: 

There are subject explicit rooms rather than normal homeroom. The subject explicit rooms are planned keeping so that the youngster can have a simple access to the material identified with specific subject. Separate space for Language-EVS and Mathematics-Rainbow exercises are sorted out in the schools.

Guest plan:
Cjust as educator additionally sit on the floor instead of table-seat, seats or any sort of fixed furnishings, Carpet or tangle is given to all the schools.

PRAGNA Means Intellect, Understanding, Wisdom

Gathering Formation: Children of Standard 1 and 2 at together in any of the two study halls. The consolidate gathering of offspring of standard one and two are separated in six gatherings as indicated by the phase of learning. These gatherings are (1) Teacher Supported Group (2) Partially Teacher Supported Group (3) Peer Support Group (4) Partial Peer Support Group (5) Self learning Group and (6) Evaluation Group.

Pragya Maths material
Physical education of Pragna Classroom:Rack and Tray, Ladder, Group Chart, Student Slate, Teacher Slate, Studentrs Progress Chart, Display, Learning Card/Activity Card, Workbooks, Flash Cards, Game Board, Early Reader, Pictorial Dictionary, Rainbow Activitys, Students Profile, Student Portfolio, EVS Project Sheets, Mathematics Practice Book, Gujarati Vachanmala, EVS – Manan, Teachers' Handbook, Training Module, TLM Box, Training CD, Advoacy CD, Advertisement CD and Jingle, Pragna Song.

Pragna Approach:

Watchhing Ladder

Picking Cards

Choosing Group

Doing Activity

Recording Progress
What are the branches of mathematics?

 Mathematics can be broadly divided into the following parts:


 It is the oldest and most primary branch of other branches of mathematics.  This math performs numbers and the basic operations associated with them like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.


 It is a type of arithmetic where we use numbers as well as unknown quantities.  We represent these unknown quantities with some letters of the English alphabet such as X, Y, Z, A, B etc. or symbols.  With the help of these letters we use them to make the formulas and rules common and also through this we do unknown quantity calculations.


 It is the most practical branch of mathematics related to shapes and their property shapes and sizes.  The basic elements of geometry are point, line, angle, solid and surface etc.


 Trigonometry which is also called trigonometry is made up of two Greek words Trignon and Metron.  Trignon means triangle and Metron means measure.  When we study the relationship between the angles of a triangle and their sides, it is called trigonometry.

Pragya Maths material


 The branch of mathematics that studies the rate of change of different quantities.  Calculus is used as the basis for analysis.

  - Importance of Mathematics in Hindi

  •  You may not even know it and you are using math all the time.  When you wake up, the first question you may have is how long it has been.  And immediately look at your watch or look at the time on the clock hanging on the wall.  What is this  Now the time you are looking at .. yes it is maths you are understanding the numbers you are reading and doing something according to it then it has been possible only because of maths.
  •  Now they follow the daily routine according to the time from morning till they go to bed at night and spend their life.  Whether you have breakfast, go to work, come back and focus on fitness, have dinner or go to bed, you are surrounded by numbers everywhere.  That is why today we are going to tell you the importance of mathematics which you may have never noticed.

Pragya Maths material

 Mathematics tells us about time

  •  I am late, I have to do my job and arrive at the right time.  You will often hear such words from your friends or relatives.  Because they fix a task for a certain time in advance and then wait till that time and when the time comes they get there again.  So in time we basically use numbers.

 Helps in financial situation

  •  Maths can be helpful to balance your budget as you will have a good understanding of how to make sure your costs are less than the money you have.  Balancing a bank account, for example, is an important task that requires math to reduce the balance.  People who understand and know math are less likely to go into debt because they know how much money they have.

Pragya Maths material

 Also helps in cooking in maths

  •  You may have laughed when you heard this but you will also believe the truth because when it comes to cooking for the family, the right amount of cooking is decided according to the number of family members.  Then one day a guest comes to our house then food is served for him separately and then the elderly people at home are asked how much food we would like to cook so that there is no shortage of food and no extra left.  .

 Strengthens problem solving skills

  •  Helps us to think analytically and make us better logically.  Analyzed thinking reflects the ability to think critically about those around us.  Logic is our ability to think logically about a situation.  Analytical and logical skills are important as they help us to solve and solve problems.  However the information may seem far-fetched that solving the above train problem can help you solve the problem of your life.  But the questions you use your brain to solve similar problems in life we ​​also have to use the same brain.

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Pragna Material

Pragya Maths material

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 Math makes kids smart

 Learning mathematics is the same as we make our body strong and stamina by learning sports, mathematics strengthens our mind.  Your child cannot become a big star in sports if he is not strong in health.  Such a child cannot succeed in any profession unless his mind is able to solve the problem.  In school and college children are made to practice mathematics and their minds are strengthened.

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