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Chhattisgarh rajy ni prashnotari pdf 

Chhattisgarh rajy ni prashnotari pdf 

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Chhatisgadh gk prashnotari

There are a few suppositions with regards to the birthplace of the name Chhattisgarh, which in antiquated occasions was known as Dakshina Kosala (South Kosala), ] The local spot of bhagwan Rama as his mom name was Kausalya, little girl of Kaushal Naresh. "Chhattisgarh" was promoted later during the hour of the Maratha Empire and was first utilized in an official record in 1795.

It is guaranteed that Chhattisgarh takes its name from the 36 antiquated fortresses in the territory. (chhattis—thirty-six, and garh—post.) The old state had 36 demesnes (medieval regions): Ratanpur, Vijaypur, Kharound, Maro, Kautgarh, Nawagarh, Sondhi, Aukhar, Padarbhatta, Semriya, Champa, Lafa, Chhuri, Kenda, Matin, Aparora, Pendra, Kurkuti-kandri, Raipur, Patan, Simaga, Singarpur, Lavan, Omera, Durg, Saradha, Sirasa, Menhadi, Khallari, Sirpur, Figeswar, Rajim, Singhangarh, Suvarmar, Tenganagarh and Akaltara. Be that as it may, specialists don't concur with this clarification, as 36 strongholds can't be archeologically recognized right now.

Another view, increasingly well known with specialists and antiquarians, is that Chhattisgarh is the defiled type of Chedisgarh meaning Raj or "Realm of the Chedis". In antiquated occasions, Chhattisgarh district had been a piece of the Chedi administration of Kalinga, in current Odisha. In the medieval period up to 1803, a significant bit of present eastern Chhattisgarh was a piece of the Sambalpur Kingdom of Odisha.

Chhattisgarh rajy ni prashnotari pdf


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