Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Advantages Of Sudarshan Kriya: Health Game-Changer

Advantages Of Sudarshan Kriya: Health Game-Changer

Increases mental strength and focus

Focusing on your breath needs bringing your complete attention to the present moment. When you do this, you become aware of your thoughts and find it simpler to ward off negative ones. It’s an effective antidote to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. It even increases your toughness and resilience in dealing with difficulties.

Increases lung capacity

Since Sudarshan Kriya comprises breathing practices at various paces, the diaphragm gets strengthened in the procedure. The deep inhalations and exhalations not only regulate your breathing but even develop your lung capacity, which in turn, improves the flow of oxygen to your brain and supports you focus better.

Good sleep quality

Unresolved matters can keep you up at night. The practice of regulating your breath can support stop the mental chatter and put you to sleep. Those suffering from insomnia should surely incorporate Sudarshan Kriya into their everyday routine. It will create you feel more energetic and lively when you wake up.

Regulates a stress hormones

Cortisol is a hormone that is released into your bloodstream all time you’re stressed. In excess, it adversely impacts your health leading to troubles such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and strokes. Sudarshan Kriya is an effective way to calm your nerves and keep these issues at bay.

Improves productivity at work

When you’re fazed by negative emotions such as anger, irritation, fear, envy or resentment too often, it can be tough to focus on work. You may dwell on the past and concern about the future when you have more vital  things to do now. Sudarshan Kriya helps improve your attention span and get more work done.

Better judgment

When your mind is riddled with negativity, it can be hard to create decisions objectively. Your judgment is fazed by bitterness from past experiences or a fear about the future. Sudarshan Kriya provides  you the perspective to focus on what matters most now, and make prudent decisions.

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