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Primary school teachers do not have to ask anyone about the rules when taking leave. Remember the rules of this holiday.

 Subject- Regarding various types of leave sanction .. Complimentally with reference to the above subject, the following instructions regarding the approval of various types of leave for school employees shall be followed and implemented by the survey persons till further notice.  (1) To approve leave keeping in view the leave rules of Gujarat Civil Service Rules-2006 and the amendments made by the Government from time to time.  (2) CL leave, voluntary leave, compensatory leave shall be sanctioned by the headmaster of the school as per the rules and the leave report card shall be maintained by each employee wise as per the sample given here.  (3) Half pay leave, converted leave (commuted leave - medical leave), received leave, maternity leave will be sanctioned by the head teacher of KVS.  (4) Depositable leave received shall be sent to the office for approval in the sample application form along with the required grounds.  (5) All the required details of the form for leave sanction will be verified by the headmaster of the school on the basis of service book and school file and will be sent in two copies to KVS for leave sanction with proper opinion.  They will maintain the leave register.  (6) The KVS shall also maintain a separate register for the leave and return a copy of the leave report to the sub-school after noting or approving the leave with the leave note in it.  (7) If leave is granted, the headmaster of that school should make necessary note of leave in the service book of the employee and update the leave account.  (8) This is accompanied by an understanding of the leave. Study it as well as keep in mind the instruction of (1) number. However, if necessary, get the guidance of the office and approve the leave.

 Understanding holidays or requesting leave in the prescribed form.  > Subject to the letter of the Director, unauthorized leave will be the deductible leave of the person staying on leave.  The authority has the right to deny the leave. The leave cannot be sought as a right.  There is no authority to change the type of leave without the written permission of the employee.  - Should not be allowed to formally attend duty at the end of the holiday with the intention of taking leave again in a few days.  > Vacation and leave cannot be combined for more than 150 days.  - The medical certificate for confirmation of illness must be attached with the leave report sought under the cause of illness.  > Fitness certificate to be present from leave must be attached.  (1) C.L.  (Casual Leave) - Relevant leave: - Leave cannot be demanded as a right.  - The headmaster of the school will be able to approve up to five CL leave simultaneously.  - CL before going on leave.  Leave report card has to be filled and leave has to be sanctioned in which the charge of class / school has to be handed over.  > Sunday or public holiday can be added before or after CL holiday. CL holiday cannot be enjoyed for more than seven days including public holiday.  - In case of extraordinary circumstances, if more than seven leave has to be extended, a total of 10 leave including additional three can be sanctioned by the Govt.  - The head teacher will be able to approve the leave by ensuring that less than 1/2 of the teachers are not present.

 * CL leave can be attached before or after vacation with the permission of the headmaster.  CL holidays cannot be combined with holidays other than compensatory leave and voluntary leave.  (3) Required leave: - The headmaster can approve.  > From the list of compulsory leave announced by the Government, the employee can enjoy two holidays in a year as per his requirement.  > This leave cannot be combined with any leave other than CL and compensation.  > There is no harm in joining before or after a public holiday or Sunday.  Required leave to be enjoyed during that academic year (June to May).  (2) Compensation leave: - The headmaster can approve.  That in case of attending government work on a valid public holiday for not being able to enjoy such leave which teachers / employees are entitled to compensation leave.  - 2.1 / 2 of full day during any holiday (Half a day's paid leave can be given in case of attendance not less than two hours for three and a half hours or less.) More than that time i.e. not less than five hours  A full day off leave can be obtained for attendance.  - Only one compensation leave can be granted at a time.  - Compensation leave can be availed in the same year in which it is due in the calendar year.  Compensation leave can be combined with casual leave or other public holidays back and forth.  Samples or certificates of authorized officers should be obtained before granting compensation leave.  (2) Half pay leave: - The headmaster of KVSha can approve.  - On January 1 and July 1, a total of 60 half-paid holidays of 1 year are credited on the basis of 10 days.

 For appointing or retiring in the middle of the year, half-paid leave will have to be deposited at the rate of 2/3 per month and will have to be counted in the next full day.  That these holidays are not canceled even if any amount is credited to the account.  - Leave can be sanctioned up to 30 days at a time.  - This leave can be enjoyed either privately or on the basis of medical certificate.  > The headmaster will have to recover the half-paid leave in the same month or in the immediate month.  (4) Converted leave (commuted leave):> The headmaster of KVSha can approve.  - With this type of leave provision, the employee can get full pay leave instead of half pay leave.  - Double half pay will be borrowed from the leave balance against the number of converted leave.  For example, 10 half-paid leave is deducted from the account of 10 converted leave holders.  That this leave is granted on the basis of a medical certificate.  In which the employee also gets modified leave for the illness of the family member depending on himself and the employee. The same definition is considered for the purpose of medical treatment.  - Converted leave of not more than 90 days during the entire job can also be given for full time or part time valid course. But this course has to be certified as being in public interest.  > The minimum modified leave period allowed in each case, including the days of public holidays allowed to be added to the front or back, should not be less than seven days in each case.  So the authority granting leave can also grant leave for a shorter period at its own discretion.  (3) Received leave: - The headmaster of KVSha can approve.  > Received leave in return for work done on vacation.

 Received leave can be enjoyed a maximum of 3 (three) times in an English year.  - If, in a particular case, a full seven days leave is not available, the authorizing authority may grant leave of less than seven days at its discretion.  > The duration of leave granted on each occasion should not be less than seven days, including the number of public holidays allowed to join before or after the holiday.  (3) Maternity leave: - The headmaster of KVSha can approve.  - Up to two surviving children, a female employee is entitled to 150 days maternity leave.  Non-paid for less than 1 year of employment, half-paid for more than 1 year but less than 3 years of employment, and full paid leave for more than 3 years of employment.  - Maternity leave should be noted in the service book.  - The period of maternity leave received by female education assistants should not be taken into consideration while including them in full pay.  - If the female employee wishes, she will be allowed to combine maternity leave with other paid leave, including converted leave.  (3) Paternity leave: - The headmaster of KVSha can approve.  > Up to two surviving children, a male employee gets 15 days paternity leave.  > This leave is given only during maternity leave. This leave is given to take care of mother and child.  - This holiday can be combined with other holidays.

 Leave in case of miscarriage or abortion: - The headmaster of KVSha can approve.  - In case of miscarriage or abortion during the entire job up to two children, maternity leave of not more than 3 days will be eligible.  > If the female employee has only one child or no child and has included a medical certificate in support of the application, she may be granted maternity leave of no more than seven working days for an abortion (MTP) case.  > In case of abortion (MTP), maternity leave can be granted only once in five years.

 Primary school teachers do not have to ask anyone about the rules when taking leave.  Remember the rules of this holiday.

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