Saturday, 26 June 2021

Standard 10 results update

Mass promotions have been given to standard 10 students due to the Koro epidemic. However, since the examination was not held, the students were not given seat numbers or receipts. Consideration is being given to how to make the result public online. Efforts are currently being made by the Department of Education to make the results available online. If the result cannot be announced online, the students will have to get the result from the school itself.

Standard 10 results may be announced on July 1. Then DivyaBhaskar is introducing a step by step process on how to check results online.

The format will change as there is no seat number

According to an official of the education department, efforts are being made by the board of secondary education to announce the results online. This time the format will change as there is no seat number this year. Efforts are being made to get the result from the name of the school on the board's official website But if that doesn't happen, it's time to dump her and move on. The result is ready and will be announced next week. The result may be announced on July 1.

8.60 lakh will be passed and 7 lakh seats will be an admission problem

8.60 lakh students due to mass promotion. 11 or will be eligible for admission to the next professional course. For these students Std. 11 has 5.50 lakh seats, while diploma and ITI has about 1.50 lakh seats. Thus a total of 7 lakh seats are available for admission. In this case, 8.60 lakh will be passed, which will create an admission problem.

Marksheet will be prepared on the basis of two Std. 9 and one Std. 10 examinations

Jatin Bharade further said that the result will be prepared not from any one of these exams, but from the results of three exams. E.g. If 50 percent result is obtained in three exams, the result will be only 50 percent. If there are different marks in all the three examinations, such as 40 marks in one, 30 marks in the second and 70 marks in the third, then the marks will be given on average. Those who have got first class in Std. 9 can get first class in this.

In simple language e.g. If you want ...

If in the first periodical test of Std.

In the second periodical test of Std. 9, if we get 40 marks out of 50 in the subject of mathematics, if we convert it to 40%, it becomes 16 marks.

In the first periodic test of Std.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે 

In the unit test of Std. 10, if we get 20 marks out of 25 in the subject of mathematics, if we convert it to 40%, it becomes 8 marks.

Result = 62.5 out of 80 marks

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