Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Download Water Tracker: Water Drinking Reminder App

Download Water Tracker: Water Drinking Reminder App

If you wish to stay fit, get in shape, or get clearer skin or all of these, then drink enough water. Only changing your habit from having soft drink and juice to aqua can bring unlimited advantages not only physically, but also mentally. There are so many Benefits of Drinking Water!

This Water Tracker: Water Drinking Reminder App will help you to keep track of water intake per day! It also helps you to fulfill your recommended daily water intake goal! Now even if you miss out to drink water in your busy schedule, make use of Water Reminder App that reminds you to Drink Water at your pre-defined time.

Smart features of this water reminder app:

➺ Set a desired goal for Water Consumption & keep track of your daily water consumption
➺ Calculates your daily water intake, display it in a water intake chart!

Keeping track of your Daily Water Consumption needs and making sure your body is well hydrated, is not an easy task in today's busy schedule. This drink water tracker app will help you to stay fit and hydrated every day! Stay fit with Water Tracker: Water Drinking Reminder App.

This Water Intake Tracker with Water Drinking Reminder is divided into two categories:


Using this section of Water Intake Tracker, you can easily keep track of water intake per day by monitoring the progress from the water report. You can add the amount of liquid that you have drunk & from that, this Water Intake Tracker app will calculate the total amount that is consumed during the time. It also gives a percentage value of completed Daily Water Intake target!

You can add the consumed quantity by using ‘+’ sign. It displays time wise water consumption per day! You can choose your desired Water Intake quantity from the given different vessel types! You can also customize them as per your requirement!


This section of Water Tracker App helps you to keep track of your water report on a daily basis! It also gives you weekly & monthly average reports, average completion, and daily Drink Water frequency! Encouragement is always necessary to achieve goals and for that purpose, Water Intake goal achievement is also given in this app!

Track your achievements regularly and try to become a winner! Show it to your near and dear ones & give them a water challenge!

Now, DON’T FORGET TO DRINK WATER! And whenever you do, take out a minute to track your daily water intake with this Water Tracker app! Do share your results with us!


Download Water Reminder app from here

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