Monday, 17 October 2022

Now’s A Great Time To Go To Gir

Here are our recommendations on how to spend your time in the  Gir (besides going on safari, which is a must!) 

Bird Watching

A national park is a best place to bring out the explorer in you. Gir itself is a hotspot for the rarest species of the birds. December and January is the migration period for exotic birds coming to the India. One can spot birds such as the Indian pitta (above), pygmy woodpecker, Bonneli’s eagle, woodpeckers, flamingos and several other exotic and beautiful birds.

Tribal Festivals In Gir

Gir is wealthy with tribal communities and cultures. The 2 prominent tribes that inhabit the area are the Maldharis and Siddhis. They organise festivals all year to educate travelers about their communities and permit visitors a glimpse into their lives, rituals, and traditions. These communities encourage travelers to indulge in their cultures by performing folk dances and making traditional food, interactions that help the tribes to survive and thrive.

Somanath Temple

Known to be one of the first shrines of god Shiva, Somanath Temple is a pillar of historical architecture also  a site of sacred pilgrimage.  The temple is a focal point for all the locals and tourists in the region. This temple is recognized for the picturesque view of the sea it offers.   

Diu Island 

The union territory of Diu is located on a small island off the coast, and has served as a retreat and getaway for several generations.  This scenic destination is just 65 kilometres away from the Gir National park, giving you a opportunity to experience the adventure of the jungle and the ease of beach life at the same location. Take a walk along the beach or a swim in the ocean.  Moreover, Diu is the only place near Gujarat that serves liquor, so enjoy the amazing nightlife with a view of the Arabian sea.

Crocodile Breeding Center 

Gir has a broad  range of wildlife experiences to thrill nature enthusiasts. One of them is the Crocodile Breeding Center  that works towards the conservation of the species in the wildlife sanctuary. The center  gives a lot of information about crocodiles and the importance of their conservation, so be ready for an exhilarating experience. Even be wary around water bodies; crocodiles look like floating logs to provide potential prey a false sense of safety.

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