Sunday 16 October 2022

Make India Your Adventure

These must-visit places for adventure in India will satiate your hunger for high-adrenaline pursuits 

Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh For Paragliding

The small village in Himachal Pradesh is not recognized as the Paragliding Capital of The India for nothing  . Blessed with enjoyable weather and clear skies, Bir is an adventure seeker’s paradise. It is a best place to try the fun sport if it’s your first time; useful guides will put you at ease, and the bird’s eye view of the lush valleys below will be worth it!  

Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu For Kitesurfing

Surfing is quite an action-packed activity - it includes braving the tumultuous sea, searching your balance, and finally conquering the imposing waves to chase that sliver of thrill. If surfing seems too demanding a sport, try your hand at a kitesurfing. Rameswaram is an azure seaside town that sits squarely at the tip of the India in Tamil Nadu, and boasts of being one of the best locations to kite surf. It proudly flaunts turquoise water created for surfing, and sandy beaches that invite you to take a break. As the sport follows wind patterns, right now is a nice time to visit and get a head start on learning a new skill in year 2021.

Auli In Uttarakhand For Skiing

High-altitude Auli is the ideal destination to search your feet on skis if you are new to the sport but the place even offers ample opportunities for the seasoned skier. The slopes of Auli are lined with lanky conifers and blanketed in thick snow come winter, and they give the proper backdrop to ski without having to leave the country! The surrounding sights are spectacular too; the region is full of different snow-capped mountains that one can enjoy a clear panoramic view of.

Kedarkantha In Uttarakhand For Winter Trekking

If skiing is not up your alley and you would rather prefer other sort of snow adventure, the Kedarkantha trek is just the active break you need. Because of  its comparative ease, the famous trail is a good option if you are a rookie in winter trekking. Kedarkantha will award you with jaw-dropping views of pristine snowfields stretching as far as the eye can watch ; the lofty Himalayan peaks keep you company throughout your journey. You will even come across remote villages, experience a desi winter among locals, and marvel at the several  lakes that dot the region; you’ll come away from this adventure truly transformed!

Lakshadweep For Scuba Diving

Untouched cerulean waters and colorful coral reefs teeming with marine life and myriad varieties of tropical fish create Lakshadweep a Mecca for scuba divers from all over the world. Remote islands with white sandy beaches and abundant forests sit in a never-ending expanse of clear shimmering waters, imploring you to search the vibrant life beneath. 

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