Tuesday 4 October 2022

Libraries and laboratories in primary schools


The School Library at SCAD World School is meant to be much more than just a library. It is meant to serve as an entire world of discovery and wonderment; a place where our young students will learn the importance of books in their academic development.

One of the outcomes of their regular visits to the library would be their gradual understanding of the joy and inspiration books can bring throughout their lives.

The library is meant to play an integral part in the delivery of the curricular programme. It is meant to provide supporting material for learning in the classrooms, and help teach skills required by the students to become literate, informed and able to face the world.

The library is meant to serve the students and the faculty with its vast collection of print and non-print materials. Students would mandatorily visit the library once each week along with their class and will also be free to visit library individually to research or browse. In addition, several library events would be organized each year, offering a wide variety of activities to inculcate the spirit of inquiry along with a love for books in each student.

The library facility is also meant to function as a media centre for the school and as a printing center for the secondary students. Subscriptions to online libraries and databanks would be maintained by the Library and the IT Department and would be accessible to the students and teachers. All Audio Visual material (software and hardware) for the school, would be accessible from the Library. The Teacher's Resource area in the Library will have an up-to-date collection of professional books, periodicals, and catalogues from experts in the field of education from around the world.



Our labs are meant to be exploration zones, where children, under adult supervision, question, challenge and explore the various concepts that they learn in the course of their subject studies.


Currently, we have one lab which caters to all the students, and we are in the planning stages of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Labs. The labs will be designed in a learning conducive manner and will be equipped with the best available equipment and material to match the international standards expected from our school.


The Math Lab has games and equipment that lets the children do hands on learning while enjoying the lessons learnt.

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