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Going nuts over coconut oil wealthy skincare products this World Coconut Day!

It’s World Coconut Day and what better way to pay homage to the ingredient that is revered unequivocally everywhere than listing its many advantages of coconut oil (mainly  in the skincare department). Alongside, skincare and hair care products with coconut oil as its star.

From oil pulling to an necessary kitchen ingredient, coconut oil has been having a bit of a moment in the spotlight. It’s a product whose advantages both you and your grandmother can list and agree upon. So when you listen  about a Hallmark-such as dedication to the brown hard-shelled fruit, you think it’s only right to explore its different other aspects. Over the past some years, coconut-infused oil has progressed from a hair-oiling necessary to a key ingredient in serums, scrubs, and also moisturisers. After all, the presence of lauric and linoleic acid supports kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and make skin smoother. “Raw coconut oil is a magical elixir, both in the kitchen and bathroom. Raw coconut oil supports in reducing inflammation, keeping skin moisturised, and supports heal wounds. The medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil even possess anti-microbial properties that can support treat acne and protect the skin from harmful bacteria. It calms temporary redness and gives antioxidants that protect from signs of aging. Coconut oil absorbs simply and provides instant hydration and protection,” points out Dr. Geetika Mittal. Dr. Geetika recommends mixing it with sea salt or sugar to make a homemade DIY exfoliant provided its naturally fragrant properties. If the smell gets too strong for you, you can consider indulging in any of these scrubs including coconut-infused oil as the main ingredient.

World Coconut Day

The power of the vitamin-rich nectar is written about in ancient science and even approved by your favourite beauty influencers. “Raw coconut is a wonderful additive to our torso, skin, and hair care,” shares Dr. Kiran Sethi. “Coconut oil for the face is a best  addition on top of a moisturiser for dry-skinned and non-acne prone people. For the torso , coconut oil has the right triglyceride and necessary fatty acids for healthy moisturisation. Pro tip: 1st  apply a humectant-based body lotion on damp skin. Let it a dry and then apply the oil on top. This moisture sandwich keeps your a skin super supple.” Even as the utilize of coconut oil as a moisturiser comes dermatologist-approved, there is a lot of hesitation to embrace the trend. After all, it is comedogenic and can reason people with acne-prone or oily skin to break out. At the similar time when applied, it sits on top of the skin, seals moisture, and works as a protective barrier.

Furthermore, the advantages of coconut for hair are known universally. “For hair, it is the most impressive at being absorbed by the hair strand and at moisturising and healing that cuticle of the hair. excellently left on for 2-12 hours and results increase with heat, coconut oil is a boon for dry, damaged and frizzy hair,” suggests Dr. Kiran Sethi. 

Feel the essence of coconut oil with these products listed under 

So whether you’re looking to oil your mane, easily  wash off the grim with a coconut-powered shampoo or provide you body a soothing coconut charm, here are few great options. If you wish to take baby steps, start the procedure  with these LSA-approved moisturisers, creams, and shampoos that include coconut oil as a mainstay.

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