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Advantages Of Organic Food

Advantages Of Organic Food

Organic food is a different contribution of the combination of Green Revolution and Genetic Engineering. Basically started from America, but today, organic food is being produced in almost every nation in the world. Organic food started to spread globally in the nineties and today organic food has managed to make  a large market.

Although its production cost is higher than that of conventionally produced food because of  special processing, the resulting market price is even  higher. As a result, it is very tough for people from financially backward sections to avail them. Here are few of the benefits of organic food described below.

High nutrition

Organic food is made through completely natural methods and through genetic modification utilizing natural elements. As a result, on the one hand, all the natural qualities are completely preserved in it, on the other hand, through gene modification, it is made by increasing the required amount of nutrients. Hence organic food is almost more nutritious and much healthier. Even organic food made through gene modification plays a special role in disease prevention.

High productivity

On the one hand, the organic food production procedure  is completely chemical-free, so it is free from the injurious effects of chemicals. On the other hand, the productivity rate of organic food is much higher as an outcome of gene modification and multiplication methods. And because it is made  in the laboratory, it is even spared from the outbreak of external natural disasters, and due to  the special medium in the laboratory, it is feasible  to produce a large amount of food in a very short time in a little place.

Less injurious 

No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are utilized in the production of organic food. Natural and organic fertilizers are utilized as fertilizers. And insectivorous birds are utilized instead of pesticides. As an outcome , the food produced is free from all chemical ingredients containing pesticides. As a result, this food product does not have any injurious effects.

Nice for nature

The procedure  of producing organic food requires no chemical influence and hence no chemical impact comes on the nature. Pests do not get unconventional and lands do not lose fertility. There is no scope of water pollution because of  chemical substances of fertilizer. Overall, producing organic food is not injurious , but rather good for nature.

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