Wednesday 14 September 2022

2 starchy foods to avoid if weight loss is on your mind

2 starchy foods to avoid if weight loss is on your mind

Let’s take a look at a few starchy foods that you should ignore and their alternatives:

1. White bread



Love sandwiches fulled with cheese? But did you know that white bread actually doesn’t have any nutrition value, and is high in the starch? When digested, it actually improves your glucose levels and you might feel hungry soon. Yes, this can direct to overeating and is the reason for your weight gain.

White bread alternative

If you still can’t resist that fulled sandwich, why not try wheat bread or multigrain bread instead of a white? They are high in minerals, vitamins, and fibers and barely include any sugar compared to white bread.

2. White rice



We Asians just can’t do without a rice! But you should know that white rice is just an empty carbohydrate as it lacks of  protein and fibers. And this can create your blood sugar level rise faster which is quite problematic.

White rice alternative

Why not try replacing your go-to white rice with brown rice or something such as quinoa, which is a whole grain and can give all the nutrition value that your body needs. With them, you won’t feel hungry soon and that will direct to less overeating and you can lose weight simply.

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