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What is Google Calendar?

 What is Google Calendar?  What are the features of Google Calendar 2019 and how to use Google Calendar If all these questions are coming in your mind then this information is for you only  Which will be of great use to you, so let's know what is Google Calendar and how to use Google Calendar

 What is Google Calendar - 

 Google Calendar is a free time management scheduling calendar service created by Google that was provided by Google on April 13, 2006. In Google Calendar, you can keep all types of events, weekly agendas and meeting information secure.  And from time to time it keeps you informed about the event by giving notifications. Google Calendar has been made available for both desktop mobile devices. If you have a Google account then you can easily use Google Calendar.

 Here you will see a very clean interface where you can easily create and edit your events, there are many options for event management, if you save the event, you will also get a reminder by Google Calendar.  There is the facility of giving and also you can add whatever locations of your events are with Google Map, as well as you can also share your calendar with any other person, if you are a professional then this calendar is for you.  going to work a lot

 How to use Google Calendar?

 To start Google Calendar, either download the Google Calendar app from the Google Play Store in your phone, if you want to use Google Calendar on the desktop, then go to


Download Google Calendar App

 When you open Google Calendar, you will see a Create button with a + icon, click on it to create an event

 Now first of all you have to select the date for which you are creating that event.

 On the first field on Add Title type the title of the event.

 Below the title you have to tell whether it is an Event or a Reminder is a Task.

 After this you have to select the date and time of the event

 Here you have to go to Add Guests and enter the email id of those guests to whom you want to inform about this event, a notification will also reach them.

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