Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Download Gujarati Stickers for Whatsapp - Gujarati WAStickerApps Download

 Has someone sent you a WhatsApp sticker for your photo?  Do you also want to make your own Sticker and send it to someone?  If yes, then today I will tell you "How to make your own Whatsapp Sticker?"  I will give full details about it!

 From Diwali to Aaj Tak, that is, the current WhatsApp Sticker Feature is a stirring update!

 Amazing, after the introduction of this feature, less emoji and stickers are being used more!  And in such a situation, all the people are trying to surprise their friends by making a WhatsApp Sticker of their own photo!

 I'm with you in this race to surprise your friends by creating your own Stickers!  And today we will learn about it Step-by-Step and A-Z…

 Today we will learn all the main things about it!

 What is WhatsApp Sticker?

 What is the difference between Emoji and WhatsApp Sticker?

 What are the benefits of making WhatsApp Sticker?

 How to make your own Sticker?

 If you want to know everything in one post, then read this information completely!  And surprise your friends by creating your own Sticker!

 Hello friends, I am your friend who is determined to make you smart!  Comes with a new and amazing information!

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 So let's not delay now, let's know everything about it one by one!

 1. What is WhatsApp Sticker?

 I'm a little hesitant to answer this!  know why?

 That's because a Sticker is a Sticker!  Whether it is from WhatsApp or someone else…

 Just know that WhatsApp Stickers offers an advanced feature as compared to others!  Maybe this is the reason why it is trending today!

 But do you know that advanced feature?

 No no… no problem… let's know about it!

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 What is WhatsApp Sticker in Hindi

 This is simply the updated version of the emoji!  Just like the way Apple introduced Emoji as Animoji on the iPhone X!

 The size of the sticker is bigger than the size of the emoji!  And you will get to see new types of designs in it!

 It can be used differently according to the event!  – Like, (Diwali Stickers, Independence day Stickers, Eid Stickers etc.

 WhatsApp Sticker Features in Hindi

 Its main and tremendous feature is its size and unlimited design, which you can make yourself and send it to anyone!

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