Friday, 21 May 2021

State Tax Inspector (STI) taken by Gpsc No.Marks of Preliminary Examination of 109 / 2019-20

There is no single standard way to prepare for an interview.  No matter how well prepared you are, there is never a fix for what the interviewer will ask you.  Even if you have a vast store of knowledge, there are a lot of potential questions that you can't answer accurately in your mental state of interview time and in the two-four minutes you get to answer, and don't expect such an accurate answer from the interviewer.

This does not mean that you should not prepare for the interview.  You must make the best preparation you can, using whatever is available in your way and whatever literature you have, but not just reading or informative preparation, with a wide range of readings, keeping your eyes and ears constantly on the situation, events and current trends at every stage of life.  It is more important to learn to analyze in a neutral way because this is the thing that will be most useful for you going forward in your career.

The follow-up to a question asked in an interview focuses more on how quickly you analyze the details of the question and how effectively and confidently you present your answer based on the information and details available to you.  How well you state is also noted.

It doesn't matter how much knowledge, knowledge and skills you have.  Rather, it is very important in the interview how and to what extent you make the best use of the information, knowledge or knowledge you have.


Another thing is that your appearance in any interview is a brief squeeze of all the study and hard work you have done so far.  Even the interviewer himself knows that no candidate is fully knowledgeable, knowledgeable or capable, but the most important thing is how you make the best use of whatever knowledge, knowledge or ability you have in the future assignment.  The same is evaluated in every interview.

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