Saturday, 29 May 2021

Mathematics, Logic and Reasoning - Free PDF In Gujrati

Mathematics has a prominent place in the competitive examination. To get a place in merit, it is very important to get as many marks as possible in mathematics. Mathematics is the key to success in getting a government job. The most difficult thing for students to prepare for a competitive exam is 'math preparation'. Really math is not as difficult a subject as we think. If we prepare by understanding the basic principles of mathematics, it can be learned very easily. In this book, I have learned from my leading experience of teaching mathematics for the last 3 years, of students

Knowing the basics, how can that be overcome? I am honest and sincere about that

Tried. This book is an attempt to cover the syllabus of all competitive examinations.

An understanding of the basics of each chapter is given in this book. It is categorized into simple methods of difficult calculations based on the important examples frequently asked in the exam from that chapter, so that the chapter is easily remembered. There are also short tricks to calculate different methods very quickly in a short time. So that more marks can be obtained by saving invaluable time in the examination.

The specialty of this book is that there are enough examples calculated in each chapter and at the end of the chapter there are examples of practice and its answers. In addition 3 practice papers are also given.

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For all the students of Gujarat preparing for the competitive exam, this book will remove all the confusion of the subject of mathematics and will give the necessary success in the exam, with full confidence of Maa Saraswati.

I offer this book in steps. I wish you success in all the exams with the help of this book ...

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