Thursday, 20 May 2021

Do you know where the highest rainfall in the world falls ?

Cherrapunji, a small town in the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya, receives the heaviest rainfall in the world.  It rains here all the year round.  It receives an average of 463 inches of rain every year.  The average rainfall in 2018 was 450 inches and in 2019 it was 467 inches.  Between August 1860-61, the world recorded a record-breaking 962.99 inches of rain.  But the surprising thing was that despite all the rains, due to lack of proper water regulation, it is the turn of people to scramble for water.

The city of Monrovia, located on the northwestern coast of Africa, is the capital of Liberia.  There are approximately 182 days of rainfall in a year and an average of 202 inches of rain is recorded here every year.  It rains here from May to October, but the highest rainfall is recorded during June-July.

Quibdo is the largest city in the eastern Choco region of Colombia.  And it rains here for about 309 days of the year.  And an average of 288.5 inches of rain is recorded here every year.  309 days of rain keep the atmosphere cloudy and there is an average of 1276 hours of sunlight a year.  So Quibdo, Colombia is the city with the most cloudy weather.

Mangalore is located on the coast of Karnataka in the south of India.  So May-October is the rainy season here.  The average rainfall here is 137 inches.  And it is because of this rainy season that Mangalore becomes a center of attraction for tourists.

The city of Buenaventura is located in the western part of Colombia.  The rainy season is observed here during September-October.  It receives an average of 289 inches of rainfall each year.  And Quibdo is 160 km from here.  And Quibdo and Bunaventura, known for their season, are known as each other's rainy sisters.

The city of Cayenne is located on the northeastern coast of South America.  And the rainy season is seen here approximately 212 days of the year.  It receives an average of 147 inches of rainfall each year.  There are 2 rainy seasons, one in December-January and one in April-July.

Hilo Island is one of the cities on the Hawaiian Islands.  The rainfall here is approximately 126-272 days a year.  It receives an average of 126.7 inches of rainfall every year.  The highest rainfall is recorded here in November.  And the island becomes a tourist attraction during the rainy season.  Because there is a beautiful rainbow forming near one of its falls.

The city of Belem is located in the state of Mercury in Brazil.  And rains for 251 days of the year.  There are 2 rainy seasons.  December / May and February / March and 12-14 inches of rain are recorded during these 4 months. 

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