Monday 31 May 2021

Latest Official Circular and Application Information Farmers in 12 districts and 92 talukas will benefit from crop loss assistance

The benefit of this relief package will not be available to government, cooperative or institutional landholders.

Under this package, even if the account holder farmer has more than one account, the assistance will be available only once. . The beneficiary farmer has not applied for assistance for more than one account and all the details submitted in the application form

A true confession must be given. . If the Aadhaar number is not obtained by the farmer, he will be eligible for assistance if the required evidence is submitted as per the provision prescribed in the Aadhaar Act.

Beneficiaries have to pay assistance under this package. For which Rs.10 / - per application will have to be spent from the state budget for printing the form, contractual manpower, IT infrastructure, necessary resources etc. Out of which Rs.2,00 / - per application will be paid at the district level as well as at the state level Rs.1.00 / application received as the application has been paid, a total of Rs.10 / application can be spent.

Procedure for implementation:

The prescribed sample application of the account (Village Sample No. 2 / A) with 5% or more damaged survey number identified on the basis of Hurricane Damage Survey by the District Panchayat System will be valid for assistance.

On the basis of the farmer's application for application and survey report, the Gram Sevak is entitled to the assistance and payable assistance per account in proportion to the area affected by the planted area as well as the number of fruit trees.

After verifying the amount, the applications will be sent to the recommendation co-taluka development officer. The taluka development officer will have to check the applications received by the taluka extension officer (agriculture) and approve the assistance.

The Taluka Development Officer will have to approve the assistance of such applications and make a proposal to the District Development Officer for the required grant. The District Development Officer shall request SDRF and State Budget wise grants from the Revenue Department and the Department of Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Co-operation respectively.

On the basis of the proposal of the District Development Officer, the budget is given to the district by the finance department

Will be handed over to the Development Officer.

The District Development Officer has to hand over the required amount to the Taluka Development Officer and the Taluka Development Officer has to deposit the amount due to the farmers through RTGS / NEFT or Account Pay Check. To report the prescribed specimen of daily payment by the Taluka Development Officer to the District Development Officer

Will remain.

The District Development Officer shall make the said consolidated report of the district to the Revenue Department and the Department of Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Co-operation.

Expenditure under SDRF budget under this relief package will have to be borrowed under the following budget headings.

Budget Head: (2-4-08-200-06 (C-3) (Assistance to Small and Marginal Farmers) Demand No .:

Main Head: ૨૨૪૫ Natural Disaster Relief Sub Head: 08

Secondary Head: 200-08 Assistance rate to small marginal farmers Object Class-1

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Saturday 29 May 2021

What does the pincode show?

Pincode ... means postal pincode nettle toy index number. For Indian Postal System, PINs are assigned to each of your mails to the correct address. The pincode is six digits long. The first digit is the regional number, the second digit is the sub-regional number, the third digit is the sorting district and the fourth-fifth-sixth is associated with the respective local post office.

Pincode was born on August 15, 1908. This number represents your address in one way. E.g. My pincode

If the number is 380008 then that number shows the place of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Maninagar respectively

Your pincode no. If it is 395004, then it is from Surat of Gujarat Indicates the location of Katargam. The pincode number indicating the address from the outside to the inside indicates the state, city, village. In the states of India

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The pincode numbers are indicated as follows. 


12 13-Haryana, 


17-Himachal Pradesh,

18-19-Jammu and Kashmir,

20-28-Uttar Pradesh,


36-39 - Gujarat, 


45 - 48 - Madhya Pradesh

49 - Chhattisgarh,

50-53-Andhra Pradesh,

50-53 - Telangana,


60-64-Tamil Nadu,

67-69 Kerala,


70-74 West Bengal,

744-Andaman Nicobar,



79-Arunachal Pradesh,





79 Tripura,


80-83-92-Jharkhand ...

Thus, these are the regional numbers of the states. Early From which number that number belongs to which state. It will be realized. Now, there is a mobile app that will show the pin code of a place by typing the name of the place and will show the place by typing the pincode. 

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Mathematics, Logic and Reasoning - Free PDF In Gujrati

Mathematics has a prominent place in the competitive examination. To get a place in merit, it is very important to get as many marks as possible in mathematics. Mathematics is the key to success in getting a government job. The most difficult thing for students to prepare for a competitive exam is 'math preparation'. Really math is not as difficult a subject as we think. If we prepare by understanding the basic principles of mathematics, it can be learned very easily. In this book, I have learned from my leading experience of teaching mathematics for the last 3 years, of students

Knowing the basics, how can that be overcome? I am honest and sincere about that

Tried. This book is an attempt to cover the syllabus of all competitive examinations.

An understanding of the basics of each chapter is given in this book. It is categorized into simple methods of difficult calculations based on the important examples frequently asked in the exam from that chapter, so that the chapter is easily remembered. There are also short tricks to calculate different methods very quickly in a short time. So that more marks can be obtained by saving invaluable time in the examination.

The specialty of this book is that there are enough examples calculated in each chapter and at the end of the chapter there are examples of practice and its answers. In addition 3 practice papers are also given.

Click Here Download Pdf

For all the students of Gujarat preparing for the competitive exam, this book will remove all the confusion of the subject of mathematics and will give the necessary success in the exam, with full confidence of Maa Saraswati.

I offer this book in steps. I wish you success in all the exams with the help of this book ...

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Thursday 27 May 2021

If this happens at the toll plaza, you will not have to pay tax: the government has announced new guidelines

If there are more than 100 meters long lines at the toll plaza, toll will not be levied unless the distance is up to 100 meters.

NHAI announces new guidelines

Not on toll plazas with lines longer than 100 meters

Toll tax has to be paid

As far as a distance of 100 meters

The NHAI on Wednesday issued a guideline in this regard, with a maximum waiting time of 10 seconds for each vehicle at peak hours at the toll plaza. So that motorists do not spend more time at the toll plaza.

Toll tax not to be paid if lines exceed 100 meters According to the guideline issued by NHAI, drivers do not have to wait at most toll plazas after Fastag has become mandatory.

Vehicle lines do not take up to 100 meters but if for some reason the vehicle lines at the toll plaza exceed 100 meters, toll will not be levied from the vehicles until the distance is 100 meters. For this, thin colored lines will be drawn on each toll plaza. Which will be the responsibility of the toll operator.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

Fastag made mandatory

The NHAI has made all tolls cashless by mandating Fastag from February 2021. In NHAI's toll plazas, 96 per cent and other toll plazas are collecting 99 per cent faster. This system has been designed with future Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) in mind. There remains a complete social distance between the fast tag driver and the toll worker. NHAI strives for safe, comfortable and jam-free travel on the NH. Currently, fast tags have become mandatory at about 752 toll plazas. There are about 575 NHAIs in it.

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Monday 24 May 2021


Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Reform Bill passed in the Legislative Assembly 

Subject to the judgment of the Supreme Court and the Gujarat High Court

TAT examination is mandatory for appointment of principal-teacher in minority educational institutions of the state : - Minister of Education Shri

From the selection of quality principals and teachers in minority institutions

There will be a brighter opportunity to unleash the power of the students 

Secondary-North Basic School approved by any department other than Education Department will also be considered as 'Recognized School' from now on 

Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama during the discussion of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Reforms Bill in the Legislative Assembly clearly stated that from now on the appropriate qualification along with TAT examination for appointment of principals and teachers will also be implemented in minority educational institutions in the state

He added that the bill contains amendments consistent with the Supreme Court and the Gujarat High Court's occasional judgment on the implementation of proper qualifications for the appointment of principals and teachers in minority educational institutions

Giving more details in this regard, the Education Minister Shri Chudasama added that the process of selection of candidates in government and subsidized private secondary and higher secondary schools is being implemented in the state through centralized system 

But such selection procedure is carried out without considering the important marks of the TAT examination prescribed by the minority institutions to meet the eligibility for selection as a teacher

He added that as a result, the state government as well as grant-in-aid schools do not maintain the prescribed standards for quality selection of teachers and as the selection process is not based on the results of TAT examination in minority institutions, quality principals, teachers cannot be selected in a neutral manner

Citing the Supreme Court's judgment in this regard, the Education Minister said that the court has made it clear that no compromise should be made with the quality of education in the national interest irrespective of whether the educational institution is run by a minority or a majority.  The government's decision to set up a regulatory body for the appointment of teachers does not interfere in the administration of minority institutions.

TET-1 પરીક્ષાની OMR અપલોડ કરી દેવામાં આવી છે.

ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

The Education Minister further added that the Gujarat High Court has also issued a judgment in 2017 directing to make necessary amendments in Section 30 (a) of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Act-19.

Accordingly, earlier in minority schools, the Board of Governors conducted the recruitment process without considering the educational qualification of the candidate and taking into account the marks of the TAT examination.

Now, as a result of the passage of this amendment bill, the same centralized selection process for teacher-principal candidates in government and aided private secondary higher secondary schools in the state will now be implemented in minority institutions.  Mr. Chudasama added.

He added that the availability of quality principals and teachers even in minority institutions would improve the existing quality of education of minorities as well as brighten the strength and opportunities of the students of such institutions.

Regarding another provision of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Reforms Bill, the Education Minister said that the definition of currently recognized schools includes only the secondary or post-primary schools recognized by the Director of Education of the State of Gujarat or the officer authorized by him for this purpose.

According to the amendment bill, such a recognized school will now be considered as a recognized school, namely the Department of Education of the State Government or any other department or, as the case may be, a recognized secondary school or a North Basic School recognized by an official authorized by such department.

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Sunday 23 May 2021

India's Cultural Heritage

India's Cultural Heritage

India has given the world a gift of diverse and rich heritage.

Cultural heritage is man-made heritage.

Anything that a human being has achieved or created through his or her talents, intelligence, skills and art is called a cultural year.

From Aryans, many species like Saka, Kshatrap, Kushan, Huns, Iranians, Turks, Arabs, Mughals, Parsis, English, French etc. came to India.

All these exchanges enriched Indian culture.

Since prehistoric times, India has gifted the people of the world with a lot of cultural clothing.

E.g.  The art of sculptural architecture.

This art is about 5000 years old, in which the Indus Valley civilization can be considered as an ancient relic.  Such as statues of gods and goddesses, human sculptures, animals as well as toys, bearded male sculptures and dancers.

Seeing all this gives birth to a sense of self-respect and pride towards our cultural heritage.

In the same order, a sculpture of a lion and a bull on the inverted lotus figure of the Maurya era, a statue of Buddha and statues of Jain pilgrims of the later period, the caves of Ellora during the time of the Rashtrakuta kings.

With all this, we feel respect and pride towards our cultural heritage.

Apart from this, temples, inscriptions, stupas, monasteries, chaityas, tombs, mosques, forts, domes, palaces, gates, buildings, excavated places and historical monuments can also be included.

Sabarmati Ashram, Dandi, Bardoli, Wardha, Santiniketan, Delhi etc. can also be identified as cultural heritage in the historical places of our freedom struggle.

Many important discoveries have been made in India like language, script, numbers, discovery of zero, mathematics, almanac, astronomy, iron, literature, religion, warfare, hydrology, botany, architecture, republic, judiciary, law, environmental protection etc. 

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Friday 21 May 2021

Google health tool: Find out what skin problems are using the phone

Google health tool: Google has launched a number of products including Android 12 in its annual event Artificial Intelligence-2021 i.e. IO-2021.

Google health tool: Google has launched a number of products including Android 12 in its annual event Artificial Intelligence-2021 i.e. IO-2021.  But there is something special about this product.  Google has come up with a new health tool.

You can learn about skin condition using your smartphone.  According to the company, Google Search is working on this new feature.  This will make it easier to know about skin related diseases.  Not only this, you can learn about skin diseases at home.

This tool will tell you how to diagnose skin diseases at home as well as how to treat them.  This tool will also answer your question.  For this you have to take a photo from your phone by focusing on the place where the disease has occurred in the skin.  You will then be able to take photos from different angles.

After taking the photo, the health tool will ask you a question.  Such as when the problem has been, what the problem is, such as itching, swelling and pain.  This will answer the question.

Google Artificial Intelligence i.e. IA Health Tool will be investigated.  Which has the capacity to analyze 288 types of skin diseases.  The information you provide through the photo will tell you which skin disease you are most likely to have.

What is the purpose of this tool?

Google has said that the purpose of this tool is not to diagnose but to advise treatment.  In many cases it would be better to consult a doctor.  We hope to give you all the information you need so that you can get treatment on time.  Google's health tool is recognized in the European Union as the first series of medical services.

The Keynote company said it could launch the health tool later this year.  The company has already marked this next tool for medical service in the class one category in the EU.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

How this technology works

Google has trained this tool with millions of photos.  Where a skin problem has been shown.  Which includes thousands of healthy skin and 65 thousand from clinical settings.  After looking at the skin and responding to the symptoms you have given, this tool determines what the skin problem is.

According to the company, when it was tested with 1,000 photos of its skin, 84% of the time it gave top 3 suggestions about skin problems.  That is, it can also tell you to some extent what the skin problem is.  This will become more accurate over time, as this is how artificial intelligence works.

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How is Indian school education different from the rest of the world?

In response to the question request submitted by Bhai Siddharth Panchal, I state through my limited knowledge that… ..

India's education system has made an invaluable contribution to the world's human civilization.  Indian culture is really a part of the Indian education system.  Harmony, chastity, brotherhood, respect for elders, adherence to family tradition in the life of the child as well as adherence to the family tradition… shame in the eyes, respect for teachers / gurus, warm welcome of guests, living together in a joint family for years .. respecting women  To work diligently, to be patriotic, to be honest, to keep the yard clean, to feed the hungry, to donate to the poor, to protect the environment, to protect the country's borders by enlisting in the military, to give good doctors, engineers, traders, workers, leaders  Thanks to. !!

It is not just a matter of studying and crying, but the purpose is for the country to get a good citizen .. !!

If we talk about the world now, we do not blame anyone for studying there, but in today's world, moral values ​​are declining.  Examples of which .. 1..Rupture in married life, change of husband as clothes change and in our culture married life intact for 50 years, intact for 70 years, people from foreign countries are surprised.  In no one country is the name of the father of millions of children in school so the child is studying in the name of mother. Standing near the road, the elders show play cards and request people to talk to them.  Now show what kind of education system will this be?


રાજ્યની યુનિવર્સિટીમાં મેરીટ પ્રમાણે પ્રોગ્રેશન અપાશે તે બાબતનો પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીંથી


However in some countries the education system is also very good due to which the culture there is very good which is due to good education.  People in Japan, Thailand, California, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, England and other countries have very good living conditions. The crime rate is very low. One of the reasons is that the education system there is good.  And the culture of countries where drugs, gun culture and much more cannot be described is declining.

Our friend who lives in South Africa said that you can't go out here after 5 pm… We feel safe there even at 2 pm on Navratri which is also a part of the education system

There are words of the poet about our culture .. that .. "I don't like to see the naked form of Kaman Mujpar or Rupala like you did by pulling the veil….!"

This is the Indian culture that the Indian education system has exposed.

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State Tax Inspector (STI) taken by Gpsc No.Marks of Preliminary Examination of 109 / 2019-20

There is no single standard way to prepare for an interview.  No matter how well prepared you are, there is never a fix for what the interviewer will ask you.  Even if you have a vast store of knowledge, there are a lot of potential questions that you can't answer accurately in your mental state of interview time and in the two-four minutes you get to answer, and don't expect such an accurate answer from the interviewer.

This does not mean that you should not prepare for the interview.  You must make the best preparation you can, using whatever is available in your way and whatever literature you have, but not just reading or informative preparation, with a wide range of readings, keeping your eyes and ears constantly on the situation, events and current trends at every stage of life.  It is more important to learn to analyze in a neutral way because this is the thing that will be most useful for you going forward in your career.

The follow-up to a question asked in an interview focuses more on how quickly you analyze the details of the question and how effectively and confidently you present your answer based on the information and details available to you.  How well you state is also noted.

It doesn't matter how much knowledge, knowledge and skills you have.  Rather, it is very important in the interview how and to what extent you make the best use of the information, knowledge or knowledge you have.


Another thing is that your appearance in any interview is a brief squeeze of all the study and hard work you have done so far.  Even the interviewer himself knows that no candidate is fully knowledgeable, knowledgeable or capable, but the most important thing is how you make the best use of whatever knowledge, knowledge or ability you have in the future assignment.  The same is evaluated in every interview.

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Thursday 20 May 2021

Do you know where the highest rainfall in the world falls ?

Cherrapunji, a small town in the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya, receives the heaviest rainfall in the world.  It rains here all the year round.  It receives an average of 463 inches of rain every year.  The average rainfall in 2018 was 450 inches and in 2019 it was 467 inches.  Between August 1860-61, the world recorded a record-breaking 962.99 inches of rain.  But the surprising thing was that despite all the rains, due to lack of proper water regulation, it is the turn of people to scramble for water.

The city of Monrovia, located on the northwestern coast of Africa, is the capital of Liberia.  There are approximately 182 days of rainfall in a year and an average of 202 inches of rain is recorded here every year.  It rains here from May to October, but the highest rainfall is recorded during June-July.

Quibdo is the largest city in the eastern Choco region of Colombia.  And it rains here for about 309 days of the year.  And an average of 288.5 inches of rain is recorded here every year.  309 days of rain keep the atmosphere cloudy and there is an average of 1276 hours of sunlight a year.  So Quibdo, Colombia is the city with the most cloudy weather.

Mangalore is located on the coast of Karnataka in the south of India.  So May-October is the rainy season here.  The average rainfall here is 137 inches.  And it is because of this rainy season that Mangalore becomes a center of attraction for tourists.

The city of Buenaventura is located in the western part of Colombia.  The rainy season is observed here during September-October.  It receives an average of 289 inches of rainfall each year.  And Quibdo is 160 km from here.  And Quibdo and Bunaventura, known for their season, are known as each other's rainy sisters.

The city of Cayenne is located on the northeastern coast of South America.  And the rainy season is seen here approximately 212 days of the year.  It receives an average of 147 inches of rainfall each year.  There are 2 rainy seasons, one in December-January and one in April-July.

Hilo Island is one of the cities on the Hawaiian Islands.  The rainfall here is approximately 126-272 days a year.  It receives an average of 126.7 inches of rainfall every year.  The highest rainfall is recorded here in November.  And the island becomes a tourist attraction during the rainy season.  Because there is a beautiful rainbow forming near one of its falls.

The city of Belem is located in the state of Mercury in Brazil.  And rains for 251 days of the year.  There are 2 rainy seasons.  December / May and February / March and 12-14 inches of rain are recorded during these 4 months. 

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Sunday 16 May 2021

Indigenous medicines for gas, indigestion, bile and sour belching

Mixing a little hing with cumin powder removes flatulence.

Taking fenugreek and roasted sleeping powder with water is very beneficial in flatulence, nausea and vomiting.

Mixing jaggery and ginger and taking it thrice a day destroys flatulence.

Every night before going to bed, put two true isbaguls in the milk and swallow Lavanbhaskar to get rid of flatulence.  However, taking Isabagul for a long time makes the muscles tight.

To get rid of gas problem, take roasted glass and pepper in equal proportions and grind it into powder to get relief in gas.

Half a tola of fenugreek and two and a half tola of suwa should be given half-roasted sugar.  Then put the powder in an airtight container.  Loss of half a pound three times a day eliminates flatulence, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

To get rid of gas, mix ginger, saffron and ajmo, mix it with soda bicarbonate in water and drink it.

Mix lemon juice in hot water and drink it.  The root of most diseases is gas.

Gas patient should mix lemon juice in basil juice and drink it daily.

Making kokum, cardamom and sugar sauce eliminates bile.

Taking Kareli leaf juice causes vomiting or rash and destroys bile.  This can be stopped by eating ghee and rice.

Pomegranate is good in bile.  It is good for the heart.  Pomegranate juice causes vomiting.  It also cures pregnant vomiting.  Pomegranate is very cool.

Consumption of kotha leaf chutney gives relief in bile.

Tamarind is biliary.  It is beneficial to take jaggery in tamarind water for bile in summer.  Tamarind also clears diarrhea.

Getting sugar in tomato juice or soup and drinking it gets rid of biliary disorders.

Ginger cumin powder can be used to get rid of gallstones.

Soak tamarind in double water for four hours, remove half of the water after boiling, get double sugar syrup in it, make syrup and drink 20 to 30 grams at night to get quick relief in gallstones.

Chiku soaked in butter all night and eaten in the morning calms the bile.  Chiku is hard to digest and maintain proper proportions according to one's digestion.

Drinking fresh pomegranate seed juice with powdered sugar calms any type of bile irritation.

Eating ripe bananas and ghee is beneficial in biliary disease.

Get gooseberry seeds with PC water and add sugar and drink it to get rid of bile disorder.

Drinking the juice of purple peel in milk gives relief in biliary disorders caused by vomiting.

Drinking amla juice cures bile diseases.

Milk, pudding, mava products, sweeteners, malpuda, penda, ghee dishes are taken in appropriate proportions to alleviate bile.

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Saturday 15 May 2021

How to get a good job after 12th standard ?

There are a lot of opportunities after standard 12.  In which you can get a job in a good post and earn good money.  It is more likely that you will benefit more from going to the line in which you are interested as you will also enjoy doing the work and if the work is proper then you will also get promotion and you will be able to do the job well.

If you have more interest in commuter then it will be easier for you to have a career in IT (Information technology).  If you look at it now, there are a lot of good posts in IT and good money is earned.  There are a lot of lines in IT too but in my opinion I would suggest you digital marketing (DIGITAL MARKETING).  This is a field in which you can learn this course quickly and easily.

Right now all Businessman wants to take their business online.  So for that he does digital marketing.  That is why the craze for digital marketing is on the rise these days.  And in this field it is not only job that can do. In digital marketing you can also do Job, Freelancer and Own Business.

If you want to advance in this field (DIGITAL MARKETING) then you have to find a good institute which has good experience in digital marketing and also teaches well

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Daily gold and silver market price of Gujarat

Hello friends, here are the prices of 24 carat gold, 22 carat gold and 1 gram of silver, 8 grams, 10 grams and 100 grams given in this article. If you want to buy for wedding or any other occasion, here is the information of daily changing prices.  Will be given

Daily gold and silver market price of Gujarat Date : 15/5/20121

Today's silver price

● 1 gram         : 71 rupees

● 8 grams       : 568 rupees

● 10 grams.    : 710 rupees

● 100 grams   : 7,100 rupees

● 1 kg.            : 71,000 rupees

Today's 22 carat gold price

◆ 1 gram.       :  4,725 rupees

◆ 8 grams      :  37,800 rupees

◆ 10 grams.   :  47,250 rupees

◆ 100 grams  :  4,72,500 rupees

Today's 24 carat gold price

■ 1 gram       :  4,925 rupees

■ 8 grams.    : 39,400 rupees

■ 10 grams   :  49,250 rupees

■ 100 grams :  4,92,500 rupees

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Friday 14 May 2021

Radhe Quick Review : Salman Khan's 'Radhe' is full of action, read the full review of the film soon || Radhe movie Story

Radhe Quick Review: Salman Khan's 'Radhe' is full of action, read the full review of the film soon

Salman Khan's film Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai has been released.  Before watching this movie, find out what is special about Radhe: Your Most Wanted Brother.

● Film- Radhe Your Most Wanted Brother

● Starcast - Salman Khan, Disha Patni, Jackie Shroff and Randeep Hooda

● Director- God bless

The wait of Salman Khan's fans is now over.  Bhaijaan's most awaited film Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai has been released.  Fans have received their Eid gifts.  The brother has fulfilled his commitment to the fans.  In the film, Salman Khan is seen becoming a policeman and licking the dust of thugs.

The wait of Salman Khan's fans is now over.  Bhaijaan's most awaited film Radhe movie Your Most Wanted Bhai has been released.  Fans have received their Eid gifts.  The brother has fulfilled his commitment to the fans.  In the film, Salman Khan is seen becoming a policeman and licking the dust of thugs.

Along with Salman Khan, Disha Patni, Jackie Shroff and Randeep Hooda have been seen playing important roles in Radhe.  If you are interested in watching Bhaijaan's Radha, read this review first.

What a story in Radhe Movie

Radhe's story is from Mumbai, where young people are getting drunk.  Suspended policeman Radhe i.e. Salman Khan is called to get the city out of drugs.  Radhe is known for carrying out his mission differently.  His mission is against Rana (Randeep Hooda) who wants to capture the whole city.

Radhe movie Review

The story of the film is based on Mumbai, in which nothing but Salman Khan's action is shown.  Radhe movie is an encounter specialist who has done 97 encounters and changed 23 times in the last 10 years.  Radhe has returned to save the city from drug mafias.  He falls in love with his boss's sister Dia (Disha Patni) while beating up gangsters and teaching them lessons.

In the film, typical Bollywood style action is featured.  To keep it in balance, some of the dialogues that were expected from this film have been brought, but it may seem boring to you but the full time action in the film saves this and makes the film worth watching.

In addition to all these things, the film also has some flaws.  Heroine Disha Patni in an action packed film.  Direction looks absolutely perfect and glamorous whenever it comes to the scene, but its track doesn’t match anything special with the film.

Radhe movie Performance

Salman Khan's actions and dialogues are going to win the hearts of his fans.  He doesn't like the chemistry with Disha Patni and the fun with Jackie Shroff.  As for Randeep Hooda, as always, he has won the hearts of everyone with his performance.  His action and speaking style is being liked by the fans.

On the occasion of Eid and in these difficult times of Koro epidemic, Salman Khan's film can serve to entertain the people.  Salman's fans will love to sit at home with his family and watch.  If you like to watch action then you can definitely watch this movie.

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Monday 10 May 2021

5G Technology Increases Risk to Humans and Creatures ?

There are many claims being made about 5G technology, but how true is this in all medicines ?

5G Technology

Preparations for 5G Technology in India are in full swing.  Meanwhile, questions are also being raised about this technology.  You may have heard a lot about 5G technology.  For example in India people are dying due to 5G testing or installing 5G wave towers will spread the radiation quickly and it will have a bad effect on creatures including humans and animals… etc.  But are all these things true?  Let us know how true this claim is.

Learn about 5G Technology

It is important to understand 5G technology before realizing how true all these claims about 5G Technology are.  5G is the achievement of the fifth generation of technology.  We are currently able to use the latest 4G technology.  Obviously the technology of the next generation will be much faster and better.  With the advent of 5G technology in simple language overall you will get much faster internet.  That means you can easily watch videos, download anything quickly, surf the website and other things connected to the internet very quickly.

Concerns about these risks regarding 5G Technology

There is a lot being said about radiation in 5G technology.  There is talk on social media that it will kill birds, 5G is also being blamed for the current situation regarding corona in India and other countries.  Some reports have suggested that 5G-supported cellphones spread diseases such as cancer.  Some research papers also say that the high frequency radiation emitted from 5G towers can cause cancer, infertility, DNA and nervous system related problems.

Now it comes down to it, are all these things true?  So the connection of 5G and Corona is saying to be wrong.  There are many countries where 5G testing has not been done till the beginning and people there are struggling with corona epidemic.  About radiation, it depends on the use of things.  At the same time, there is no evidence of these claims, no alternative but to refute them from a scientific point of view.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

How much will 5G Technology change ?

The advent of 5G technology will affect the prices of smartphones and other devices.  With the launch of 5G, it will be offered a supported smartphone at an expensive price.  That means buying a phone can be expensive for you.  However with the advent of 5G the price of 4G phones will come down rapidly.

In addition, 4G-LTE offers 40 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload speeds, while 5G technology offers Gbps speeds for data transfer.

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