Tuesday, 16 February 2021

School Poster 2021

 School Poster 2021

the areas of the three walls are furnished in different forms, here the place of the wall is covered with glazed glass, a curtained curtain is placed over it, so that the balance of the sun shade remains evenly. The picture has been chosen according to the color of the middle wall. The light emanating from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling is giving a beautiful shimmer to the wall and the picture on it. Look at the texture of the wall that accompanies it, light dark stone blocks made of equal size are decorated back and forth unevenly, the light falling on them further furnishing the wall.

furnishing the wall.

students of India to bring out their interest in science and their talents in the students of India. The government has always strived for students to bring out their talents and present their ideas on the world stage.Students will be able to showcase their talents to the world through science talent search. The Government of India is also making special efforts to encourage such students to spread their ideas to other countries of the world as well as to promote their ideas and talents. Efforts are being made to bring out the students who are interested in science subject. The government intends that students who want to bring their talents in science to the forefront of the world should have an opportunity to present their ideas to the world through this science fiction discovery. .

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