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Central Government Site Pledge. mygov. You can download the certificate in your name by swearing to wear a mask on.

Central Government Site Pledge.  mygov.  You can download the certificate in your name by swearing to wear a mask on.

  1. Which mask is the best to avoid Corona?

 Corona has arrived in India and gradually there are reports of its spread from different states of the country.  Although doctors say that there is nothing to panic but take precautions as much as possible.

 There is currently no antidote or medication for Corona, but there are some initial precautions to prevent corona.  One of these precautions is to choose the right mask.

 Which mask would be best?  Which mask can prevent corona infection?  Many such questions are in the minds of people regarding masks.  Don't worry, we tell you which mask is best for you for Corona.

 Take a mask that has a rating of N95.  While taking the mask, take special care that the mask is of your size, that is, understand that it fits you properly.

 Many times it has happened that people take masks, but the air in the mask keeps on going.  There will be no use of wearing such masks.

 Masks should be used when making masks that are able to block small particles of air and also provide a better ventilation to keep the breath out.

 Triple Layer Mask: This mask is effective to prevent infection, but it also protects only 30 to 40 percent.  Due to having three layers, it is able to prevent infection to some extent.  Its price starts at Rs 50 and goes up to Rs 200.

 Who needs a mask?

 Doctors have appealed to the people that there is no need to panic unnecessarily.  If someone does not have cough, fever, cold, or sneezing, then such a man does not need to wear a mask.  Also, it is mandatory for people who are showing these symptoms to wear masks.

Marriage rulse

It is custom to kiss after marriage.  But when more than 200 couples got married in the Philippines, they kissed each other in such a way that the matter became headlines.  For the past one month, the world is in awe of the corona virus, people are wearing masks to avoid it.  So brother .. When these couples got married in the Philippines, they also put on masks.  In such a situation, after the marriage, the couple had to do whatever.  Now the custom also has to be fulfilled and the corona virus should also be avoided.  So the couple kissed each other while wearing masks, whose photo became trending.

 Things to keep in mind besides a mask

 Apart from wearing masks, doctors have asked people to take some precautions.  For example, whenever you come in contact with an object or person, wash your hands immediately with sanitizer, soap or hand wash.  Apart from this, the person who suffers from sneezing or cough, keep it at a distance.



How to Take WEAr mask Pledge
  1. first open official Govt. site this is Central govt site for public awareness.
  2. then Search wearmask pledge option on this site
  3. then entre your necessory info like Name birth date, e mail id, and mobile no.
  4. then Read Pledge of Wear mask
  5. then submit it
  6. Now you can download your certifcate


Six layer mask: It protects against infection to a great extent.  This can prevent about 80 percent infection, but it is not very effective in a very infected area.  This largely prevents the virus from getting infected.  It is available in the range of Rs 200 to Rs 1000.  This mask can be washed and used several times.

 N-95: This mask is considered the safest mask to avoid infection.  This prevents the infection from entering the body.  The price of this mask starts from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500.  Doctors also commonly use this mask.  But these masks are very tight and that is why it is not possible to wear them for a long time.

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