Monday, 24 August 2020

Bin talim shikshakon TALIM shikshakonu pagar doran babat

Bin  talim shikshakon TALIM shikshakonu pagar doran babat

The nursery teacher's work focuses on developing the child's overall personality.

  It involves preparing action plans and lessons to encourage children and imaginative use of available resources to help them in this task of learning.  They are also responsible for developing the social and communication skills of children and they are also responsible for providing a safe environment in which they can study properly.  Nursery teachers are basically responsible for creating a home-like environment for their students away from home.  The most important part of their work is to develop important aspects of the child's personality such as development of knowledge, ability to speak and language development, physical development and social and emotional development.  In addition, they make contact with parents and parents for the development of the child, as well as work with multi-agency networks to get the right kind of support.  Thus the teacher plays an important role in the child's early years, so that they can successfully prepare for primary school education.

 A nursery school teacher's salary is determined based on the location of the school and where it is located.  There is also a lot of satisfaction in this work with remuneration.  However, it cannot be said more than the hard work, as nursery schools are not part of the organized sector
Efficiency and competence

Bin  talim shikshakon TALIM shikshakonu pagar doran babat

 Love for children
 High energy needs
 A pleasant and interesting personality, including the ability and patience to connect with children, to help children develop
 Successful in using resources, creativity and flexibility in nature and ability to manage time
 Ability to understand children's psychology and their state of mind

Bin  talim shikshakon TALIM shikshakonu pagar doran babat


 How to achieve
 The first step is the Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) course offered as a vocational course in many recognized institutions.  Another option is IGNOU's Distance Learning Program in Early Childhood and Care Education (ECCE).

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